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Using Eteach

Please find below, a number of frequently asked questions (back to help):

I am trying to register, but keep getting an error message - what could be the problem?

If you are getting the message 'This email is already registered on our system', then an account already exists for that email address. Please use a new email address or if you already have an account and have forgotten your password you can request to have it reset and sent to your email account. Ask for your password to be reset.

How do I log in?

If you are a member, you can log in using your member's login details (your email address and password). You should have received an email confirming your details. If you have forgotten your password, ask for your password to be reset and we will email it to you. If you are not yet a member, please join now. It's free and only takes a minute.

I've forgotten or don't know my Username?

Your username will be the email address you supplied when you registered.

I have typed in my password and email address, why can't I log on?

Are you using the correct password? To check, ask for your password to be reset and sent to you.

Can anyone see my CV if I add it to the site?

When registering you have the option to request agency help with finding your next position.  If you select this option you will be presented with the opportunity to upload a CV in Word format, which you can make available to agency recruiters listed on Eteach, enabling them to view your CV each time they add a job relevant to you (based on the criteria in your 'CV details'). Existing members can easily register with our Eteach Recruit team by logging in to your eteach account and clicking on the 'Register Now' button at the bottom of your Candidate Dashboard. A member of the team will call you back to discuss your requirements in order to help find suitable roles.

How do I change my login details?

To change your password, you will need to log in to your eteach account using your existing details. Scroll down to the bottom of your Candidate Dasboard and click on the 'Change Password / Manage access' button. Follow the instructions within the 'Change Password' pop up and press save. Your password will now have changed.

How do I change or update my instant online CV?

Log in using your existing details. At the top you will see "My Profile Overview" click the plus sign next to it to open up your Career Portal. On the right hand side you will see "My CV Builder" click on the box that says "Build your instant online CV" and this will take you to your 9 steps of building your CV. Change whichever details you need to within there, then press Save and Finish once you are done. This will automatically update your CV in any of the Talent Pools you have joined. You do not need to re-send your CV.