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The Farnborough Academy

Welcome to the The Farnborough Academy Career Site

Welcome to the The Farnborough Academy <span class="darkGrey">Career Site</span>

From September 2014 secondary education in Clifton and the surrounding area has a fresh start with the opening of The Farnborough Academy. Operating as part of the Trent Academies Group, the new Academy aims to provide a high quality education for up to 1000 young people – and to give everyone the chance to shine brightly.

The first day for year 7 pupils will be on Wednesday September 3rd 2014. All other years will start on Thursday September 4th.

All pupils at the Academy will be expected to wear their black and gold uniform with pride. The uniform rules will be clear and rigidly enforced. The badge says that pupils will "Do the right thing". Wearing the uniform properly is just one illustration of this.

There will be 5 one hour lessons at the Farnborough Academy. Everyone will be expected to do their best. Lessons will be well planned and work will be completed carefully. Parents will be given termly updates about the progress their child is making in lessons. The Academy will do everything possible to help every pupils be as successful as possible - in examinations and in life.

Research shows that young people in the Clifton area want to be successful in life. They are keen to be part of well ordered lessons which give them a chance to learn. The Farnborough Academy has clear rules which everyone understands. All pupils are expected to follow them. Only then will everyone be able to learn as much as possible and go on to have the lives they deserve.

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