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Using Talent Pools to Revolutionise School Recruitment

Talent Pool, for the Pro-active Recruiter
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What are Talent Pools?

School, Group and Regional Talent Pools are an innovative new concept which has been introduced by Eteach in order to simplify recruitment and drive down costs for schools.

As a recruiter you will now be able to set up your own school Talent Pool to attract jobseekers looking for teaching jobs. Once this has been done, candidates can join and submit their information which gives you access to great quality candidates all year round. You will be able to do this regardless of whether you are an Independent school, operate a group of schools or have become an Academy.

Why have we introduced Talent Pools?

Here at Eteach we recognise that education recruitment is changing and at a time when companies should be working with schools, not against them, that is exactly what we're doing.

We understand that cost can be a major factor affecting how schools, groups and academies recruit teachers and we are committed to keeping the cost of recruitment to a minimum. As a result of this, Eteach is offering our School, Group and Regional Talent Pools to Premium Licence Holders for free, meaning that everyone can benefit from the service regardless of their budget.

Why should you set up your own School or Group Talent Pool?

We have worked hard to ensure that Talent Pools are a valuable and cost effective method for schools to recruit teachers. Listed below are just some of the advantages of setting up a Talent Pool for your school, group or Academy.

  • Candidates can join School and Regional Talent Pools all year round regardless of whether schools are recruiting at that time or not. This means that when you need a new member of staff, rather than start the expensive and time consuming task of finding someone new, you can access the list of jobseekers already listed in your Talent Pool.
  • Talent Pools are an excellent way for your school to find great quality, enthusiastic candidates because people who have joined are expressing a particular desire to work for you.
  • School and Regional Talent Pools can help to save time and money because they consist of a database of potential employees, thus eliminating the need for expensive vacancy advertising.
  • Our new service allows schools to effectively and continuously encourage membership of their Talent Pool and follow up on interest shown by teachers with the right skills and experience.
  • Talent Pools provide a great portal for groups of schools to reach out to top quality candidates all around the world. Groups can set up one easy to access Talent Pool and from here candidates will be able to find the schools and vacancies which are best suited to them.
  • Schools which have recently become academies or are in the process of becoming one and are no doubt trying to adjust to a new way of operating. Talent Pools make recruiting simple, straight-forward and offer a platform where candidates can find you. This is going to save time and money at a time when it’s needed the most, leaving you free to undertake other tasks.