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Sponsored Career Advice - Kumon

Passionate about education and want a more rewarding career?

Manage a Kumon franchise and you’ll enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss and play a vital role in your local community

Running your own business is exciting and rewarding, with the freedom to make your own decisions, have a significant impact on your local community and work at your own pace. As one the country’s leading supplementary education providers, Kumon operates some 600 study centres across the UK and fosters this entrepreneurial spirit among all their instructors. By running your own study centre you would be helping children in your area to make the most out of their learning. The empowerment and increased responsibility that comes from managing one’s own business is also cultivated among Kumon’s students. Some 60,000 students in the UK and Ireland – and around four million worldwide - develop independent study skills through the company’s Maths and English programmes, which builds their confidence and helps students achieve their potential.

Kumon Instructors come from varied professional backgrounds but all are passionate about education and helping children to develop their skill set. Despite the recession, the company grew 14% in 2009 and many of our instructors cite flexibility and a stable income as key benefits to running a centre. Staff at Kumon’s UK base also provide extensive support to the instructors; such as helping with centre promotion and stepping in to take and assist classes, where necessary. Al Shaw, who became a Kumon Instructor in 2009, says: “Being a Kumon Instructor has all the benefits of working for oneself, plus great support from an established organisation.”

Rachel Reeve, Instructor of 13 years, agrees: “I continue to be impressed by the power and flexibility of the Kumon programme. Helping students that are struggling with particular concepts and work based problems and challenging those who excel in maths and English is very rewarding. One can see them improve and develop skills from primary school to GCSE level and beyond. Over time, your input has a great affect on their progress and to watch this take place is truly fulfilling.”

Kumon was established over 50 years ago and their unique ‘method’ of instruction is still used today. Independent learning and building speed and accuracy remains integral to the Maths and English programmes which also develop concentration and time management. Students attend their local Kumon centre once or twice a week for around half an hour, and are given worksheets so they can progress with their studies at home. To find out more about how our maths and English programmes can help your child, please visit our website and enter your postcode in the ‘find a Kumon centre box.’ Alternatively, email your enquiry to or call our recruitment team on 0800 854 714.  

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