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Could you be the next eTeach blogger?

Look good online

At eTeach, we know that you’re the expert when it comes to your field of education. And when it comes to teaching, a supportive community is critical. That’s why we want to give a platform to the thought leaders in our sector: the free thinkers, the learning pioneers, the policy analysers and the youth advocates.

If you have an article in you that you think deserves a voice, we’d like to hear from you. Of course, the arguments must be fairly balanced and all facts must be evidenced... but why not start a debate or make an original point? This is your chance to be heard!

What’s in it for me?

  • International reach! We have built up a readership of thousands of schools and teachers worldwide over the last 17 years. Our readers come from far and wide and are keen to learn from each other
  • We currently have 20,000 social media followers, and growing
  • Raise your profile! Whether the blog is a personal account, or a piece representing your school, a group or MAT, we can offer a wide reach on the that gets your name out there
  • As well as posting blogs on and, we email the blog fortnightly to 1.7 million teachers, support staff and education professionals and we are the recruitment partners for over 7,500 schools and colleges so we can offer you wide readership
  • All of our content pages are tracked for traffic, so we can let you know how popular each blog has been – that’s good evidence of your writing skills!
  • We welcome regular contributors who have a niche area of expertise to share
  • Increase traffic to blogs you have already – we include an ‘author biog’ at the bottom of each blog and include any appropriate links you want to drive readers to
  • We encourage reciprocal sharing content, for example, we encourage you to share the eTeach publication of your blog article far and wide; equally, we will share it (including your links) with our social media and subscribed email audiences e
  • Ongoing relationship: we are also happy to support organisations who share the same values as us so please do link with us on social media so that we can share your other tweets and posts

How do I start?

  • In the first instance, please complete the form below, letting us know your contact details, a brief summary of your experience and a bullet-point outline of your article/articles. You can also give examples of any existing blogs you write
  • If it looks like your ideas suit our message and might resonate with the teaching community, we will call you back to get to know you a little more and invite you to submit your full blog of around 500 words.