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Windlesham House School

Windlesham House School


Windlesham is one of the country’s leading co-educational prep schools, and one of the very few which remain predominantly boarding. It is situated in West Sussex on the A24 London-Worthing road, 6 miles north of Worthing and 12 miles south of Horsham. It is 55 miles from central London.

The school currently has some 260 children (around 160 boys and 100 girls) in the Main School, of whom some 240 are boarders. There are also some 30 day children in Little Windlesham, the Pre-prep Department for 4 - 8 year olds which was established in 1997.

The school takes children into all year groups, with the majority entering in years 4, 5 and 6 from independent day schools as well as from Little Windlesham. The majority of pupils leave at 13 after Common Entrance or scholarship exams to go on to one of the major senior independent boarding schools.

The current Head is a member of IAPS and the School is a member of AGBIS and ISBA.


The school started in 1837, and has a reputation for innovation. It was the first to be established particularly as a preparatory school and the first IAPS school to become co-educational (in 1967). It has been on its present site – on a superb 60 acre site in a fold of the South Downs – since 1935. It was run for five generations by the Malden family, the last being Charles and Elizabeth Ann Malden, who retired in 1994.

The school has been run as a registered educational charitable trust by the Malden Trust Ltd since 1963, and the current Head (who has been in post since 1996) is Philip Lough. There are currently 13 trustees, who are the governors of the school.


Windlesham is a forward-looking school which prides itself on its warm family atmosphere and its own particular, child-friendly ethos. It has an informal but busy approach to school life, and there is a strong pastoral emphasis to the school. For example, all full-time teaching staff act as tutors within one of the six Houses.

Windlesham is a Christian foundation and is designated as such by the Secretary of State for Education. However, whilst the Christian faith is fundamental to the ethos of the school, Windlesham is happy to accept children of any or no faith or creed.

It is an all-round school, striving to give children a good rounded education and a thorough, thoughtfully-planned preparation for their secondary schooling. Art and Design, Music, Sport, Drama and ICT are all important elements, as is the outstanding Activities programme.

Academic study remains the bedrock of the school’s success, however, and we aim for every child to go to the school of their parents’ first choice. The school has a strong scholarship record.


The school is in the charge of the Head. There are some 40 full-time academic staff at Windlesham, and around 20 others teaching on a part-time basis, as well as visiting music and sports teachers.

The Head chairs the Senior Management Team, which comprises the Deputy Head, the Assistant Head, the Director of Studies, the Senior Teacher, the Director of Administration, the Head of Little Windlesham and the Bursar.

The Bursar, who reports to the Head, is responsible for all the non-academic areas of the school, including financial management and various other support functions. There are around 75 support staff in total, both full and part-time, covering areas such as the Headmasters’ Office, the Bursary, Grounds, Property, Catering, Matrons and the Medical Centre.

Salaries are based on the school's own generous scale.

Windlesham is a full boarding school. Accommodation on site may be available to members of staff willing to undertake full boarding duties and take an active part in the life of this busy school community.

The school occupies a superb 60 acre site in a fold on the South Downs adjacent to the A24 and some 6 miles north of Worthing.

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