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Peponi House Preparatory School

Peponi House Preparatory School

<p>Peponi House Preparatory School is a multi-cultural community which encourages respect for self and others. Our emphasis is on excellence, through a broad, balanced education which aims to maximise the potential of each pupil as a whole person.<br /><br />The school's motto "A School of Many Nations, a Family of One" came about as the result of a competition held among the first Peponi pupils when the school was still in its infancy. In many ways, it encapsulates all that we<br />hold most dear. First and foremost, we are a school and the academic side of things lies at the heart of all that we do. We believe that excellence in the classroom, in terms of both effort and achievement, is the key ingredient in making a successful school. However, we are also a family and that makes itself very clear in the day to day life of the school. <br /><br />We have an open door policy with our parents and encourage them to be very active in their support of what we do, either through our energetic PTA or through close consultation with the staff.<br /><br />We have children from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and we encourage understanding and above all respect for each other. We are a Christian School and the ethos of "Love one another" is a recurring theme in<br />our Thursday services, but we are proud of our multi-faith society where children learn to appreciate and value their differences as well as their similarities.<br /><br />The school is set on 11 beautiful acres just outside Nairobi. There is a 25m pool, Art and D.T. room, well-equipped classrooms and a friendly and lively<br />staffroom. <br /><br />The ICT facilities are excellent. We have a school-wide network which is expanding all the time, a growing number of Interactive White Boards, data projectors in all junior classrooms and a dedicated ICT room. ICT is fully integrated into the curriculum and links between ICT and other subjects are excellent.</p>

First of all, living in Kenya! The climate is about as perfect as it gets with warm sunshine and no humidity. There is the Rift Valley to explore, along with the coast, the mountains and the game parks. The salaries that we offer are, by Kenyan standards, excellent, especially when one takes into consideration the cost of living. We also offer a pension scheme, medical insurance, generous school fee subsidies, flights and a baggage allowance.

The school is set on 11 beautiful acres just outside Nairobi. There is a 25m pool, Art and DT room, good ICT facilities, well-equipped classrooms and a friendly and lively staffroom. If you want to, you can see us on Google Earth. If you go to 1 deg 14 min 26.28 secs South, 36 deg 45 min 34.96 secs East, your pointer will be over the swimming pool!

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Peponi House Preparatory School

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Peponi House Preparatory School

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