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HMYOI Cookham Wood

HMYOI Cookham Wood

Learners are at the heart of everything CfBT does and nowhere can the impact of education on them be seen more clearly than through the secure estate – in prison education.

We employ more than 150 staff across the secure estate in teaching and ancillary roles and each year we help over 2,000 young adults to improve their educational skills, knowledge and achievements.

We are committed to providing education, which contributes to the development of students’ academic, personal, social and vocational competencies, and to raise their general levels of educational achievements. Our aim is for young people to improve their educational, social and life skills in order to make better-informed choices and broaden their opportunities

CfBT Education Trust is proactive in ensuring that it provides both a curriculum and learning opportunities that can make a real difference for offenders while in custody, equipping them for progression onto further education and training in the community.

We aim to:

Provide an education environment to meet the needs of the students
Deliver activities that promote an interest in learning that enhances the curriculum
Encourage self-determined activities and develop skills that empower young people to make choices
Promote equality of opportunity for all and combat discrimination wherever it occurs
Focus on increasing the skills and qualifications that will make them more employable and able to take their place in society & reduce their chances of re-offending.

HMYOI Cookham Wood
Education is provided for young men in a dedicated learning centre supported by a purpose built vocational training centre

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HMYOI Cookham Wood

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HMYOI Cookham Wood

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