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Believe Academy Trust

Welcome to the Believe Academy Trust Career Site


‘Aiming High’

We want to provide an outstanding education for your child. We want every aspect of the day to be the very best that it can possibly be…An outstanding welcome, an outstanding start to the school day, outstanding playtimes, an outstanding curriculum, outstanding facilities, outstanding opportunities and outstanding learning

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a school community where children excel, develop a love of learning and create magical memories that will last them a life time. There are high expectations for every child to succeed through the provision of personalised, real-life learning experiences which enable them to grow into productive and valued citizens.

Children will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Our Mission Statement

Children are central to all our endeavours.  We will judge everything that takes place in the school according to its impact on the children.  Decisions will be made in accordance with the prime directive that the schools within Believe Academy Trust are places of learning for the whole school community.

Our Values and Principles

Only the best for our children

Our belief is that every child has the capacity and right to succeed. The role of our schools in supporting families and children to enable academic success and social cohesion is hugely influential. Schools within Believe Academy Trust  must embrace British values.

 A school which reflects its community

We also believe that “one size” does not “fit all” and that our schools should reflect the community they serves and the needs of our children in order to develop their thoughts, knowledge, skills and independence.

Belief and confidence to excel

We are responsible for each other.  We expect our schools to achieve more by recognising and harnessing the power of individuals whilst also working as a collective.  We embrace change and encourage creative, innovative and hard working individuals.

Outstanding providers of education

We only promise what we can deliver.  We do what we say we will do to meet expectations, including making tough decisions.  If we make mistakes we put them right.  We are clear about what we need to achieve and will strive to become an outstanding education provider for our children.

Our Aims

Our aims for the children subdivide into four areas which we believe are equally essential for rounded and continued growth and development throughout childhood and into adult life.

Children need to:

Grow as citizens

Become lifelong learners

Develop a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding

Be inspired by their school experience 

Ensuring these four elements are addressed for all our children is the chief purpose of everyone who works in the Trust. Each and every member of the school community can make an invaluable contribution to the prime directive.  By working together we can make it so.

Becoming a good citizen.

Our children will grow as citizens by:

learning high standards of responsible behaviour, care, co-operation, courtesy, consideration and fair play

understanding that all people are unique and special with different talents, abilities and needs

appreciating and celebrating differences in gender, races, ability, creed and culture

understanding the importance of routines, boundaries and rules

learning and caring about the social and environmental issues across the globe and within their own community

learning to look after their bodies, keep safe and form healthy, positive relationships

taking an active part in school decisions

respecting themselves, the school and the wider community

Having high expectations of themselves

Becoming a Lifelong Learner.

Our children will become lifelong learners by:

growing in confidence, independence and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating environment

gaining the emotional intelligence to make the right choices in our complex world of the 21st Century

developing a wide range of thinking skills and knowing their preferred learning styles

having a rich and diverse curricular experience including access to different teaching styles, visits and visitors

involving their own community and family in their learning

experiencing extra curricular activities

valuing their own achievements and those of others, experiencing success

developing the confidence to have a go and not fear failure

recognising that mistakes are acceptable and one can learn from them

valuing learning and having high expectations of themselves

Gaining Knowledge, Skills and Understanding.

Our children will develop a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to age and ability from the moment they arrive in Foundation to when they leave in Y6, by:

achieving excellent standards in literacy and numeracy

gaining excellent skills in information and communication technology

gaining an excellent understanding of science and design technology

developing first rate physical and sporting skills through sportsmanship and personal achievement

gaining an excellent understanding and appreciation of geography, history, art, music and dance

gaining an excellent understanding and appreciation of world cultures and religions

understanding that learning is important and resisting peer pressure that it is “uncool.”

An Inspirational School Experience.

Our children will be inspired by their school experience through:

positive role models from adults and peers in the school

learning through play that is age and ability appropriate

creating and participating in art, music, dance and drama

visiting places of special interest including the opportunity to take part in residential visits

taking an active role in the school, local, UK and international community

sharing in uplifting spiritual experiences

Having fun and enjoyment

Being an inspiration to one another.


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