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Why work for us

At Bright Futures Learning Trust, our mission is to ensure every child has a bright future. We aim to provide the opportunities for both children and staff to have a ‘Bright Future’ as described below:

Bright Futures for Children

Bright Futures Learning Trust believes passionately that every child in its care should leave school with a bright future ahead of them. We are relentless in our work to provide the best education we can to enable our children to believe in themselves and the potential inside each one of them. We enable them to seek out opportunities to learn as much as they can and to imagine possibilities beyond their immediate experience. This, in turn, helps them to successfully and positively contribute to the world around them, leading them to live fulfilled, happy and extraordinary lives.

Bright futures for staff

Bright Futures Learning Trust knows that its staff are its greatest asset and, as such, aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for staff to develop their own bright future. We encourage staff to work across the trust and gain experience in a variety of settings to become more skilful and develop greater knowledge. Staff work together collaboratively to research the best teaching practices and to learn from each other and support one another. Staff are curious about what excellent learning looks like and all strive for the very best outcomes for their children. There are clear career paths and the trust cares for hard-working, talented staff and supports them to follow the direction of their choice. The trust knows that outstanding leadership is key for the children and their families and seeks to grow leaders with the confidence, humility and integrity needed to become an outstanding leader, ensuring all in its community can enjoy a bright future.


Values and Vision


We have chosen these values to live and work by which support our mission:


We will be honest and open, and all decisions will be made in the best interests of the children we serve.


We will be courageous in our decisions, always pushing forwards and exploring new paths to grow and get better in everything we do.


We will always look beyond the immediate, to see and realise the potential in each child and each staff member.


We will be generous and humble collaborators within and beyond our trust to share what we have and continually learn from each other.

Our vision is threefold. We want to:

  • Build a multi-academy trust to provide children with a first class and world leading education
  • Become the MAT of choice for teachers’ and staff careers
  • Inspire students and lead communities to change the world for the good.

We are working towards this vision through:

  • Providing high quality induction and ECT programmes
  • Ensuring all members of staff work in teams and have support around them
  • Providing great training programmes for staff at all levels, including for teaching assistants and teachers at all stages of their careers
  • Providing development for staff by through opportunities to work in different schools within the trust to gain experience in different settings

The 4 schools in our trust work together very closely to support and challenge each other, to share best practice and staff are committed to meaningful collaboration which helps us all to ‘be the best we can be’ for children.

An Ambitious Curriculum


The trust is committed to providing an education for children that will prepare them for life in the modern world and, as such, has identified 4 pillars which will, in time, form the foundational principles of our curriculum. These are:

Providing first class education is our number 1 priority and we want to ensure every child receives the very best education possible to enable them to have a ‘Bright Future’ ahead of them. 

We believe that innovation and technology are key to the future and our ambition is to ensure every child has every opportunity to be at the cutting edge of technology, enabling them to become the great innovators of the future. 

When we look at the future of our world, we can see how important the environment is and how we must do everything we can to protect it for the sake of the generations to come. For this reason, learning about the environment and how to care for it will be a key priority for the children in our Trust. 

Community is at the heart of everything we do and we believe that developing healthy, happy communities is part of our mission as a Trust. We want to develop deep understanding of what this means so that children can form great relationships with people from all backgrounds, leading to more fulfilled, happy and successful lives.  

We are at the early stages of developing these pillars, but we hope that you will be as excited as we are about being part of the journey of developing an education for children that will truly secure a ‘Bright Future’ for all.

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