A world-class group of exceptional schools dedicated to providing the best possible education to children and students aged from 1 to 19 years.

At Bellevue, we believe that education is not just about exam results. It is not just about reading, writing and arithmetic. It is about sparking curiosity, instilling a love of learning. It is having the confidence to ask questions; it is the desire to know not just ‘what’, but ‘how’ and ‘why’.

Our schools are committed to providing an educational environment that challenges, nurtures, excites and involves every single pupil in the school.

Mark Malley founded Bellevue Education over seventeen years ago and is passionate about education. He is joined by a team of experts in the field of education; all of whom are former Heads. 

Bellevue Education is committed to building a lasting group of schools across the UK and in Europe; schools that share its vision of challenging pupils whilst instilling creativity of thought and independent learning. 

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About Us


Founded seventeen years ago by Mark Malley, a former Headmaster, Bellevue Education is a world-class group of schools dedicated to providing the best possible education to children and students aged from 1 to 19 years.

Bellevue Education is committed to excellence in education.

Each Bellevue school is run independently, but are united by the same values and commitments: 

  • Bellevue schools offer an education that is broad as well as deep
  • Teaching combines the best of tradition with the latest innovations to ensure that every lesson excites and engages
  • Investment – in teachers, buildings and technology – means that Bellevue schools create the best possible environment for learning
  • Exceptional academic results are the natural outcome of our focus on instilling a lifelong love of learning

We recruit the best staff and make sure that they are fully supported – our training programmes and shared best practice opportunities are unrivalled. We also know how important it is to involve parents in their child’s education, which is why we prioritise parent communications with meetings, regular discussions and written reports, along with blogs, newsletters and text alerts.

Most importantly, we treat every student as an individual with their own unique set of talents. Bellevue schools are warm, happy and dynamic environments where students are encouraged to aim high, and where they will find everything they need to succeed. We are passionate about what we do, and we take great pride in helping to shape futures and inspire tomorrow's leaders.

Working for Us


Bellevue Education has been built on a passion for excellence in all that it does. This means that by working at Bellevue you can expect to work alongside passionate and committed colleagues - whether that be in a support role at Head Office or working in one of our schools.

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie here; a feeling of belonging – probably because we go out of our way to listen to and involve all of our people. And because we want to be the best, we want you to be your best. The size and scope of our business means that the opportunities on offer are diverse and wide-ranging. We also offer fantastic career development opportunities. 

If you are interested in joining a dynamic group of schools, where every single member of the Bellevue team works towards shared values and a vision to provide an outstanding educational environment that excites and engages students; we encourage you to view our list of opportunities across the Bellevue schools and at Head Office. 

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