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Bowland is a unique school and a number of factors combine to make it so. Visitors to the school cannot fail to be impressed by the attitudes of our pupils. The friendly and supportive atmosphere in school is, to a large degree, due to the friendly, positive nature of the pupils. These attributes and values are nurtured by the staff, so that a genuine sense of community and a family atmosphere pervades all aspects of school life. We do not, however, take these things for granted, and prioritise the highest standards of behaviour and respect, insisting on excellent manners, courtesy and uniform.

The high levels of achievement are testimony to the work ethic throughout the school and the quality of the teaching. Pupils thrive in a secure environment, where excellence is encouraged and where pupils learn from each other as well as from their teachers.

Achievement Through Collaboration Trust

Proud to be part of ATC

Working together for the benefit of pupils provides advantages in access to ideas and expertise from a larger group of practitioners and leaders. Work between schools in AtC supports professional development and school improvement.

Support for schools in human resources, finance and premises form part of the core offer to schools in addition to coordinators of math, English and emotional health and well-being.

AtC recognises the individual character of schools that pupils, parents and their community value highly. As such, cultural autonomy remains with each school in order to meet the needs of their pupils and their community. The ability to determine the intent and implementation of the curriculum at school level is vital to the success of the school.

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Riversmead, Grindleton

Our Location

Our Location
CB24 4RS