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Bristol Steiner School is a wonderful setting and one that is both a privilege and a pleasure to serve. Fundamental to the Steiner Waldorf philosophy is the belief in a child-centred, relational approach to learning and a commitment to promoting the development of the whole child. This is embraced and cherished throughout all aspects of life at school, through lived values rooted in the delivery of contextual learning, with true meaning and purpose. This is also characterised through collaborative partnerships, underpinned by a desire to remain true to Steiner Waldorf beliefs, whilst harnessing the best that other educational philosophies have to offer to enhance our practice.

At Bristol Steiner School, there is an authentic and tangible sense of community and culture that not only cultivates excellence, but creates a safe environment in which the children can be curious. Opportunities to explore are embedded throughout the curriculum and discretely encourage skills of independence, resilience and respect. Reciprocity is deliberately promoted between children, staff and the interactions that exist between each other. Our children are content, confident and thrive, as a result.

It is these guiding principles, which provide the time and space to allow each child to grow and develop an appreciation of themselves and a genuine love of learning, as they journey with us through the school. Our nurturing and warm setting, resonant of a village school environment, is what makes us truly unique, offering a diverse alternative in an urban setting that places connectedness, wellbeing and happiness at the heart of our ambitions.

Lorraine Swords - Head Teacher

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Independent Day School for Children aged 3-11 years in Bristol


For over 50 years the Bristol Steiner School has been a beacon for parents seeking a human scale school where childhood is valued and in which a lifelong love of learning may grow. The school provides pupils with a modern Steiner Waldorf based education through a transparent and well-structured learning programme that is challenging but, not dominated by the need for academic achievement and the stress of targets and tests.

Pupils are part of a community in which they are well known, can thrive whilst developing the self-confidence and independence vital for success in today's world. By Class 5 children are well prepared and ready for a successful transition to secondary school.

The central feature of a Steiner Waldorf education is that it recognises the broader needs of the whole child - academic, physical, emotional and spiritual - and is based on an understanding of the different phases of a child's development.

Bristol Steiner School is breaking new ground in providing pupils with a Steiner Waldorf education that is true to Steiner Waldorf principles that is relevant to a modern context. In this the school benefits from a modern management structure and experienced leadership team.

Choosing the right school for your child is perhaps the most important decision you will make. A Steiner Waldorf Education creates a love of learning and sees artistic activity and the development of the imagination as integral to learning. It is respected worldwide for its ability to produce capable young people with a strong sense of self and diverse capabilities that enable them to become socially responsible citizens. 


Our school is a beacon for parents seeking a creative and educationally focused school, which offers a familiar and personal setting where childhood is valued and education is considered a journey and not a race. Please watch the video below to learn more!

Visions and values

Bristol Steiner School will nurture academically successful, confident, happy, healthy, resilient and socially-conscious children who are equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. We will provide our pupils with the healthiest start in life by delivering a vibrant, uplifting, Waldorf education that integrates the virtues of academic achievement, emotional intelligence, wellbeing and individuality to benefit the whole-child. The school will be nationally recognised as a beacon at the forefront of balanced, whole-child education.


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Waldorf Education

Education that makes a difference.

Waldorf is an holistic education with a creative, developmentally appropriate and academically rigorous approach. It aims to develop a child's emotional, spiritual, physical and academic potential equally. We call this 'Head, Heart and Hands' and through this approach we help children to be happy at school and develop the life skills they will need to thrive.

Schools are inclusive and non-selective. An interdisciplinary curriculum uniquely interweaves artistic and physical activities with academic learning including science and maths. Teaching takes into account the distinct stages of child development so that when, how and what children are taught engages with the way they naturally learn. Formal learning starts at age six allowing time for the youngest children to develop through play, imitation and exploration which fosters a sense of wellbeing and emotional resilience. The learning environment is one of warmth, empathy and appreciation which builds confidence without the need for high-stakes testing. In the upper school, a focus on questioning, discussion and research enables Waldorf students to leave school not just with good qualifications but equipped to be creative, curious, collaborative thinkers, strong communicators and imaginative innovators. Waldorf education prepares them for life in the widest sense.

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