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Calthorpe Park School is a highly successful, inclusive and dynamic place to learn and grow. Our school community is scheduled to expand year on year, supported by substantial local authority investment. This puts us at a very exciting stage in our development. Fundamental to our ethos is that we support all students to have the opportunity to succeed, and the experience of success, in a culture of care and respect; support and challenge. We aspire to provide a learning experience that educates the whole child for the whole of their life through heart, mind, body and spirit. We hope that our website will give you the information you need but we also invite you to visit us, to meet our wonderful students and inspirational staff. We are enormously proud of each and every one of them.

Mr M Amos and Ms M Hooper – Headteachers

So, why Calthorpe Park?

At a time when teachers are in short supply and the profession is under constant pressure from various sources and challenges, it is important to reflect on why a candidate would or should choose any school over another.

We believe wholeheartedly in a school that promotes education in its widest sense and as a school we aspire to producing young people with excellent exam results but also with the skills and dispositions to make best use of every opportunity and with the integrity to contribute positively in all aspects of their life.

But what does that look like on a day to day basis?

To start with every visitor comments on the calm, courteous and positive “feel” of the school during lesson time. The culture of the school is predicated on the Calthorpe Way that is encapsulated in the four pillars of Courtesy and Consideration; Image and Impression; Challenge and Commitment; Respect and Responsibility.

This was recognised by OFSTED just last year with one of a great many highly positive comments observing “a very calm, purposeful and orderly school with the ‘business of learning’ at its heart, and the pupils thrive as a result.”

In a recent inspection of safeguarding, the team commented on the sense of care being embedded in the culture of the school. All members of the community care for and about each other supported by systems and policies that are proactive, forward looking and built around the simple concept of wellbeing. The students comment formally on the “outstanding pastoral care”.

Ofsted also noted the cohesive school community and the “pupils and staff … sense of shared ownership.”

We are enormously lucky to have a staff (teaching, support and admin) that all have the very best interests of the students, their colleagues and the school at the heart of all they do. They work tirelessly for the students with events, enrichment, extension and intervention a part of what they do not an add-on: it is our staff as well as our students who aspire for themselves and inspire others.

We cherish enthusiasm, passion, compassion, creativity and individuality alongside dependability, consistency, professionalism and friendliness.

Fleet as a town is lucky enough to have two really good schools in it. As such it would be easy to slip into competitiveness but the Headteachers of both establishments recognise the power and wisdom of collaboration. Our focus is on providing the best education to the young people of Fleet not on being better than each other. Similarly, we work closely with various organisations to develop and extend the range of opportunities for staff and students. We have an excellent relationship with The Sixth Form College Farnborough, our local Junior Schools, and other Secondary Schools in the area as well as beyond. We work closely with Reading University and are the hub for local teacher training in the area. Furthermore, we have an excellent track record for growing talent with many of our promoted posts filled by colleagues who we trained. With the school scheduled to grow again over the coming years, opportunities will be plentiful for the right people.

New staff are supported instinctively by colleagues but also in formal arrangements. Our In-service Training is of the highest standard with staff feeling “empowered by this individualised support” (Ofsted 2017)

Finally, the single biggest reason for joining Calthorpe Park is our students. They are bright, articulate, positive and sincere young people. Over 60% are in the high ability band and less than 10% in the low ability band but irrespective of starting points they aspire to be better. They are “mature and reflective…keen to learn, ambitious for the school, and unfailingly polite and courteous” (Ofsted 2017), in short they are a delight and we are inspired by who they are and by the young adults they will become.

Why Calthorpe Park?

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