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    Trainee Teacher

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    Earlsfield, Greater London

  • Posted

    20th November 2023

  • School

    Floreat Wandsworth

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    Bursaries available where applicable

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    Full Time

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    Are you interested in training to teach in your local GLF school? GLF Schools Teaching School Hub are proud to be working in partnership with Inspiring Future Teachers (IFT) Who A ...

About Floreat Wandsworth

What we stand for

At Floreat Wandsworth our pupils are safe, happy and high-achieving. 

School should be fun and happy pupils are more likely to be successful.  We see it as our responsibility to bring out their talents, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities.

We offer an approach to education which develops in our pupils

  • An intelligent and critical awareness of the world
  • Strong communication skills based on a love of reading and discussion
  • A confident ability to think independently and with originality
  • A vast array of skills including music, sport and performing arts
  • An enthusiastic appetite for study
  • Character strengths such as service, courage and perseverance.

We seek to welcome into our community children from every kind of background who, with their parents, value these qualities.

Reasons to join our team at Floreat Wandsworth

  • Leadership opportunities from the moment you start your Floreat career
  • Everything is positive... the children are full of joy and are always very well behaved!
  • The leadership team always have your best interests at heart.
  • The chance to work for a thriving community of families
  • Straightforward and efficient marking. This allows more time to focus on the next day of learning
  • Lots of CPD opportunities are provided by the Trust we belong to – GLF
  • Easy transport links to great places to live e.g. Tooting, Clapham, Brixton, Putney, Balham, Wimbledon and Kingston
  • It’s a 5 minute walk from Earlsfield Train Station and then a 10 minute train to Waterloo. There’s also a space for your car!
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Collaborative Working


GLF Schools promotes a cross-cluster collaborative approach, allowing colleagues to share expertise and experience, ensuring all children in our schools receive an excellent education and reach their potential. Through this cluster model, GLF Schools is committed to providing opportunities for professional development and career progression.

Our School sits within a newly established cluster of Primary schools, overseen by a Regional Director. Along with Floreat Wandsworth, our cluster includes the following other schools; The Vale Primary School, Warren Mead Infant and Junior Schools, Banstead Infants School, Danetree Primary School and Cuddington Croft Primary School.  

Proud to be Part of GLF Schools

Where Children Grow, Learn and Flourish

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GLF Schools is a Multi-Academy Trust established in 2012. We believe that every child in our schools can achieve the highest academic standards whilst enjoying a vibrant, challenging and rich curriculum. What we say in our motto is true: "Where Children Grow, Learn and Flourish." Whilst operating as a part of a family, each of our schools has its own distinct character and culture which is respectful of its community and context but their utmost common ground is that it is our staff that make each school. Our collective GLF culture is built upon caring for our children and students by enabling our staff to provide the best possible education with the resources at our disposal.

We have a simple mission. "To be a supportive family of schools where together we grow, learn and flourish”

Thrive in a Career with GLF

Joining GLF schools brings a wealth of opportunity both personally and professionally. Each school in our trust has its own individual identity, while benefiting from the expertise that comes from a dedicated and experienced support team. GLF Schools will recognise your skills, encourage creativity and provide opportunities for you to grow, learn and flourish. As a member of staff you can expect GLF to invest in your career progression, provide a bespoke career development plan and offer the potential to be fast tracked into leadership. GLF Schools has a generous employment offer which allows our colleagues to Grow, Learn and Flourish.

For more information about the benefits of working for GLF, please click here to visit our GLF Careers page. 

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