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Benefits Package

  • Tuition - A tuition waiver at Harrow Schools for up to two dependent children. Starting from the 3rd child, you will receive a 50% remission on tuition fees. For a teaching couple, you will benefit from a tuition waiver of up to three dependent children.
  • Housing - Harrow Schools will provide free accommodation on campus. If accommodation is not available, the equivalent housing allowance will be provided
  • Relocation - Start of contract relocation and airfare allowance, annual airfare allowance (home leave) and end of contract relocation and airfare allowance
  • Medical Insurance - International medical insurance plan, excluding the USA, for the foreign teacher, accompanying spouse and up to two dependent, accompanying children

Harrow International School Shenzhen (Qianhai)

Guangdong, China


Located in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone, Harrow International School Shenzhen covers an area of ​​40,000 square metres and has a total construction area of ​​approximately 139,000 square metres. The school has obvious transportation advantages, located in the main urban roads adjacent to Metro Line 5. The campus will be built to cater a maximum capacity of 1,000 students with facilities that cater to the needs of a K-12 full-time school with boarding.

The campus design integrates Harrow’s values with Qianhai’s spirit. The school adopts the concept of “land sharing”, with a lawn area where the main sports grounds and outdoor activity spaces are located, energising the whole campus with a vibrant atmosphere. The British lawn landscape is an inspiration from "Harrow on the Hill". The campus is tailored towards an all-rounded education with sports and leisure areas, library and reading spaces, restaurants and lecture halls that allows students to flow easily between different learning and activities areas, enabling them to learn, communicate and play freely.

Harrow International School Shenzhen will open in 2020 accepting students at Kindergarten to early Prep School age (Grade 8 / Year 9) in the first phase. The Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Shenzhen will open in 2021, providing high-end bilingual education to children with a Chinese nationality. 

Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Zhuhai (Hengqin)

Guangdong, China

Bringing world-class bilingual education to Zhuhai, the opening of Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy (Harrow ILA) Zhuhai marks a significant milestone for education in Zhuhai and the Greater Bay Area.

Opening in 2020, Harrow ILA Zhuhai will eventually have two campuses – one in Hengqin (opening 2020) and one in Tangjiawan (opening 2021). Both campuses will offer full K-12 day schooling with boarding.   

Harrow ILA in Hengqin is situated in a prime location next to Novotown in the New District area. With a campus covering 47,915 m2, the school will accept students from Grades 1 to 7 (age 6 to 13) in its first year. Designed by world-renowned architecture firm Aedas and Harrow’s specialists, the campus can accommodate 1,400 students, including 317 boarders (from Grade 4 and above).  

Interactive outdoor learning spaces encourage students to engage with a more natural educational environment; facilities linked by green pathways with a range of multipurpose spaces distributed across the campus, supporting learner collaboration and a sense of community. 


Harrow International School Haikou

Hainan, China


Harrow International School (HIS) and Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy (HILA) Haikou is a key project for the Hainan government as they transform Haikou into an international education hub. Harrow Haikou is the first world-renowned educational brand in the Province and will transform concepts of high quality education across the region. 

Strategically located in Jiangdong District at the north of Jiangdong Avenue and south side of Linhai Third Road, Harrow Haikou will provide K-12 international and bilingual education for foreign and local day and boarding students. Both schools are planned to open in September 2020 with a maximum capacity of 1,800 students. The first phase of student admission will target children age 2 –13 (kindergarten to Year 9/ Grade 8). 

Our Haikou campus covers an area of 96,673 m2, with a total internal floor area of 71,167 m2. The school is designed by world-renowned architecture firm Aedas and Harrow’s specialists, introducing a fresh, modern approach to the traditional British architecture originated from ‘Harrow on the Hill’, with their renowned buildings in north London, using contemporary design concepts to create a truly British, ‘Harrovian’ environment, with an eye to the future. 

Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Nanning

Guangxi, China

Bringing world-class British education to Nanning, the opening of the Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy (Harrow ILA), is a significant milestone in the history of the Guangxi province.

Offering a full K-12 international school experience, Harrow ILA Nanning inherits 450 years of educational experience and excellence from Harrow School, London.

Central to our educational ethos is a commitment to foster the values of ‘Courage’, ‘Honour’, ‘Humility’ and ‘Fellowship’ in our students. Beyond outstanding academic outcomes, Harrow’s holistic education nurtures in our students a strong Chinese foundation with a global outlook through a unique bilingual curriculum that distilled the educational heritage of Harrow School with the wisdom and traditions of Chinese culture.

Covering an area of 66,000m2, the campus is located in the Longgang Ecological Business District, enjoying convenient transport links via nearby subway lines and major roads. Designed by the internationally renowned Hui Zhangsi Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) and Harrow’s specialists, the architecture of the school’s buildings echoes the original design of ‘Harrow on the Hill’, and their renowned buildings in north London, using contemporary design concepts to create a truly British, though contemporary, ‘Harrovian’ environment. 


The Harrow Team

Thumb avatar Mr. Michael Farley
Mr. Michael Farley
Former Head Master Of Harrow Bangkok; A Head Master For Twenty Years
Thumb avatar Mr. Jon Standen
Mr. Jon Standen
Head of Harrow International School, Bangkok
Thumb avatar Ms. Ann Haydon
Ms. Ann Haydon
Head of Harrow International School, Hong Kong
Thumb avatar Mr. David Shinkfield
Mr. David Shinkfield
Head of Harrow International School, Beijing
Thumb avatar Mr. Charles Matthew Ellison
Mr. Charles Matthew Ellison
Head of Harrow International School, Shanghai
Thumb avatar Mrs. Sian Carr
Mrs. Sian Carr
Education Director Specialising In Education Leadership
Thumb avatar Ms. Samantha Steed
Ms. Samantha Steed
Director Of Lower School Education Specialising In Early Years Education
Thumb avatar Dr. Denry Machin
Dr. Denry Machin
Associate Director Of Enrichment And Engagement Specialist In Teacher Training And International School Economics
Thumb avatar Wang Ping
Wang Ping
Deputy Chinese Head & Director of Chinese Operations

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