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Iceni Academy Methwold is on a journey to transform the lives of all students and staff with whom we work. We are determined to give our students the very best education possible so they can realise their full potential and succeed in their later lives, by offering them a broad and balanced knowledge-rich curriculum, rooted in strong pedagogy , throughout their time studying with us. We hold this as the gold standard for all our students, with Ofsted inspectors particularly noting that ‘Leaders….have high expectations of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).’

We are fortunate, too, to work with external agencies and charities to provide opportunities not available to all schools and academies, include lessons from the Norwich School, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and access to a Combined Cadet Force. The pursuit of academic excellence is paramount, but the learning experience for Iceni Academy Methwold students extends far beyond the classroom. Personal development is valued in the same way as achievements in examinations, and we relentlessly celebrate success in all its forms. We support our students to develop a strong sense of responsibility as global citizens, underpinned by our academic motto: ‘individually strong, unstoppable together.’

Iceni Academy Methwold is part of Iceni Academy, an all-through academy set across two sites. We work closely with our colleagues at our Iceni Academy Hockwold site (Primary) on curriculum and personal development, sharing values, foundations and community names with them. Our communities of Mandela, Attenborough, Pankhurst and Nightingale reflect the attributes we teach our students to have, and the values we wish them to hold throughout their lives. We teach behaviour and self-regulation as a curriculum, knowing that these skills will help our students excel in later life.

We care passionately for our staff, and place people development at the heart of our offer to them. From an in-house coaching programme for teaching staff and research-led project groups for all, and from a well-stocked CPD library to access a wealth of opportunities afforded by the ATT Institute, we are committed to supporting all colleagues develop to be the best that they can be. We work closely with the Trust and colleagues at other ATT academies to share shining examples of best practice in all of our teams.

Iceni Academy Methwold is set in the heart of beautiful Norfolk in a tranquil, rural village, just 15 minutes from the A11 and 20 minutes from the A47.

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    2nd August 2022

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    Iceni Academy

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    £13,042.20 - £14,891.56 per annum

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    We are transforming lives – do you want to join us? HR ADMINISTRATOR An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the Academy Transformation Trust Human Resources team as an HR Admi ...

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Academy Transformation Trust

Proud to be part of ATT

Our team knows first-hand how to make education better for schools, pupils and their teachers.

For us, the future of UK education relies upon schools working closely together to share best practices, giving every child the best chance in life. We set up ATT to make this vision a reality.

As a not for profit trust, we work with our growing family of primary and secondary academies, and further education providers in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

Our mission is to provide the very best education for all pupils and the highest level of support for our staff to ensure every child leaves our academies with everything they need to reach their full potential.

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An overview of ATT

Our Vision

We have one core purpose:

To have the biggest positive impact in the varied communities we serve through ensuring top drawer education for our learners. #TransformingLives

How do we ensure this across our trust?

In all we do we are:

  1. Ethical to the core, ensuring that education is always front and centre
  2. Futures focused system leaders – never simply followers
  3. Collaborative in every endeavour
  4. Resolutely learner centred

What does this look like across our trust?


We are:

  1. Ruthlessly ambitious for all who learn and work with us
  2. Unwaveringly inclusive – determined on eradicating barriers to educational success
  3. Committed to excellent teaching
  4. Determined upon academic excellence for all in our communities
  5. Compassionate, ethical and caring advocates for all in our communities
  6. Outwardly facing and globally conscious


We are:

  1. Committed to the very best people development and empowerment
  2. Determined to shout loudly and share proudly our successes
  3. The best professional and technical experts (supporting education) in the sector
  4. Committed to the very best understanding and management of risk


We are:

  1. Providing the best possible public service for the best possible value
  2. Determined to supplement our public income with shrewd income generation
  3. Building financially sustainable models of educational improvement in our communities
  4. Demonstrably efficient in all we do

Our values

We are:

  • We will work inclusively within our communities, embracing the varied localities we serve while sharing our common vision and values.
  • We will develop the very best leaders of the future, working to improve education and transform lives.
  • We will adhere unwaveringly to the ‘Nolan Principles’ of Public Service, which is made clear in our commitment to Ethical Leadership.

Our ‘Institute’ is an umbrella term for all people development available to all ATT stakeholders. It serves our whole ATT community: children and young people, parents and carers, employees and the wider community.

We are committed to the very best people development. We empower all stakeholders through equality of opportunity and place the needs of our stakeholders and the communities we serve at the front and centre of all we do. We believe we are better together and value collaboration within and beyond our organisation. ATT People Development activities will be the very best learning our stakeholders have ever had. Through high-quality people development we will all transform lives and communities.

Our Institute is a learning eco-system through which all people within our communities and beyond can thrive. It starts with the belief that we are all leaders of our eco-system. Leadership does not just come from the top; it has to be genuinely stakeholder-led. Irrespective of our role: admin, education, estates, finance, governance and operations, we all have a responsibility to make things better for children and young people and to help ensure that teachers are delivering a top drawer education. Thus, we have a professional obligation to keep getting better through engagement in people development activities so that the ‘edge’ between schools and communities, where educators work with pupils, parents and carers and communities is the best it can possibly be.

We resolutely believe it is our moral and professional imperative to hear all voices and use our own agency to develop others within and beyond our Trust. ATT employees must use their local leadership to develop and lead others beyond their immediate setting and beyond our own Institute. The advancement of our Institute in this way, will lead to whole of system improvement and transform more lives and more communities.

Flexible working gives employees the opportunity to achieve a better balance between work and other commitments, often by making small changes to working patterns and hours. Managers will make every effort to appreciate an employee's needs such as family responsibilities, work and caring responsibilities and be flexible as possible to try and accommodate their required working hours.

At Academy Transformation Trust we put our people's welfare and wellbeing at the centre of everything. Our Wellbeing Strategy covers 4 key areas: Working Environment, Personal Growth, Health and Lifestyle Initiatives and Culture. We aim to promote and maintain the health & wellbeing of employees, with the goal being to enable a positive relationship between an employee's work and their health.

An example of the type of support available to you;

  • Access to free confidential help & advice available to employees 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Access to our ‘inhouse’ Wellbeing Champions to offer support as necessary

Retail discounts on hundreds of high street and online retailers are available through our Together Benefit’s Platform. Saving you money on everything from fashion, groceries, leisure activities, cinema and days out. This also includes a bike scheme, gym scheme and an employee assistance programme which gives you access to free, external, confidential advice on personal and/or work-related issues. We also offer employees an in-house Occupational Health service supporting health and wellbeing.

On our journey of #transforminglives, we are building a Diverse and Inclusive Community. We are aspiring to promote our Inclusivity, via Curriculum and Employee engagement. Together, we want to break down barriers, enjoy each individual and celebrate the value they bring to our Trust Family.

Perks and Benefits

As a proud Academy Transformation Trust academy we are devoted to professional development and support which is second to none. Our ATT Institute offers hundreds of training events and leadership accreditation qualifications to develop your talent to its full potential. As an academy we believe it is our role to develop your expertise to the full through supportive coaching in order to transform the lives of our students. Academy Transformation Trust also has a Together Platform where many things can be accessed such as:

  • Pension information: LGPS and TPS
  • Health and wellbeing advice
  • Financial wellbeing advice
  • Information and how to access the employee assistance programme
  • Bike scheme
  • Gym scheme
  • Discount codes for many different stores
  • Gift card discounts
  • Cinema and travel discounts
  • Childcare voucher scheme information for anyone that is part of the scheme

I started my career with ATT, as an NQT Teacher of English at Iceni Academy. I was supported excellently by the whole team, and relished the opportunity to take my first steps into middle leadership first as a College Leader (equivalent to a Head of Year) and then as the Leader of Excellence in English (2i/c). I was then afforded the incredible opportunity to become an Assistant Principal, and this is the role I am currently in with all of the support and encouragement I could ever wish for so that I can continue to develop in this role. I have had the opportunity to complete professional qualifications (Lead Practitioner; NPQSL), access some world-leading thinking and pedagogy via the inimitable ATT Institute and lead other groups of staff both as the chairperson for the Performing Arts Team Network Group, and as part of the Early Career Framework delivery team for the Trust. ATT have supported my development every step of the way and there are always new opportunities to improve my practice and my leadership even further, and I feel proud every day to work so collegiately with such dedicated, principled and passionate people as the ATT family.

Amy Staniforth, Assistant Principal
Amy Staniforth, Assistant Principal
Iceni Academy

I joined Iceni Academy just over 6 months ago as an Assistant Principal with responsibility for behaviour. Since my arrival I have received unwavering support from colleagues across the Academy, which has made the process of 'settling in' to the setting significantly easier than I had anticipated it would be! On interview I was hugely impressed with the vision and determination the Academy leadership team had to drive whole school improvement, and it has been a priviledge for me to assist with that journey. I am incredibly pleased that I was offered the opportunity to work at Iceni, and would encourage anyone else to seriously consider Iceni as an option for their future careers progression too.

Adam Carter, Assistant Principal
Adam Carter, Assistant Principal
Iceni Academy

I joined Iceni Academy back in 2012 and through the support of my Line Managers and Senior Leaders, I have progressed from a part time Data Administrator to full time Data and Office Manager. I now manage a team of 6, including receptionists, exams officer, administrator and midday supervisors. I have received support and training in all areas that I have requested, and I am currently studying towards a Level 4 School Business Professional qualification that has been funded by, and accessed through the ATT Institute.

Felicity Shaw, Data and Office Manager
Felicity Shaw, Data and Office Manager
Iceni Academy

I first joined Iceni Academy in 2019 as a trainee teacher. Since then, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most passionate and supportive colleagues, who excel in both teaching ability and academic knowledge. With these strong connections and Iceni’s extensive personal development programme, I have been able to grow into the confident and professional teacher that I am today. I am excited to continue my journey with Iceni Academy and take advantage of the plentiful training and career opportunities that it has to offer.

Zoe Francis, Teacher of Design & Technology
Zoe Francis, Teacher of Design & Technology
Iceni Academy

I come all the way from the beautiful, sunny city of Durban; which lies on the East Coast of South Africa. ATT was amazing in helping me not only move schools but also Countries. They believed in me as a teacher and have given me an opportunity to bring 24 years of teaching experience from my country to yours. Teaching is my love and Maths is my passion. I want to make a difference in the lives of the children I teach and ATT has the same values and outlooks as me. I look forward to working with the trust over the next few years. I want to end off with a quote from Mr Nelson Mandela: " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." It is this exact sentiment that I would like to instil in the young lives of the students I teach. I want to inspire them to give of their best and with an education, their dreams can come true. But, it will be hard work, determination and discipline. I am looking forward to teaching at Iceni Academy for the next few years. I have had excellent guidance and support from my faculty and the school so far and can't wait to continue to grow in my career.

Carmen Jacobsz, Teacher of Maths
Carmen Jacobsz, Teacher of Maths
Iceni Academy

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Our Location

Our Location
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