John Henry Newman Catholic College is a wonderful place to learn. We are a happy and distinctive Catholic College, which welcomes students of all faiths, has a unique feeling of a close community and expects all to achieve.

Our aim is simple – we want every child to leave us at the age of 18 with:

  • Qualifications, skills and attributes to secure a place at a world leading university or a prestigious apprenticeship.
  • The determination never to accept second best in their life and a true sense of God’s love and self-worth which will enable them to stand up for themselves and for a purpose greater than themselves.
  • The values and morals to lead fulfilling Christian lives.

John Henry Newman Catholic College is named after Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman. He wrote extensively about an education where people combine faith and reason in the search for truth. His ideal was a community of learning where students and teachers discussed ideas and developed new knowledge. This emphasis on a learning community remains relevant to John Henry Newman Catholic College’s philosophy today.

John Henry Newman Catholic College is a learning community which sets the highest expectations and never settle for second best; a community where our students are nurtured and supported to develop their unique gifts in a happy, safe and secure learning environment.

Most importantly, John Henry Newman Catholic College is a community of faith, where young people experience the love of God embracing their lives by engaging them ‘Heart to Heart’. Our young people expect to be challenged to grow, serve and to achieve much more than they ever thought possible.

Our results reflect the continued rapid improvement in standards across the college since it’s opening in January 2011 and the determination of the whole of the community to make John Henry Newman Catholic College a beacon of excellence in educational improvement and practice.

There is definitely a culture of achievement here. Staff work very hard to ensure all lessons are engaging, challenging and enjoyable. As a consequence of intellectually stimulating learning and teaching, bad behaviour is rare, we laugh a lot and we really enjoy coming to work.

Outside the formal curriculum there are numerous opportunities for students to take part in a very wide range of activities in drama, sport, music, international visits, away days, retreats and trips.

Please refer to our Ofsted Progress Report. As you can imagine we are all very proud of achieving such an outstanding progress report and it is a great tribute to the staff and students who have worked so hard to put John Henry Newman Catholic College on the trajectory to achieve our vision and to achieve well beyond ‘outstanding’.

Every Day is Open Day at John Henry Newman Catholic College and visitors are very welcome.

About Us

Education is part of the Church’s mission to proclaim that:

  • God the Father made us,
  • God the Son redeemed us,
  • God the Spirit keeps us in His love.

Our aim is to grow as a community in the love of our God who is revealed to us through his word in the Bible and in the traditions of the Church.

We believe that: We are all unique, created in God’s image and called to work for the common good.

Our aim is to nurture everyone’s God given potential.

We will work in partnership as staff, pupils and parents to create:

  • A welcoming Christian community.
  • A place where everyone feels valued and affirmed.
  • A school with a spirit of caring.

We will strive to live by and understand the values of Jesus Christ:

Welcome, friendship, support, reconciliation, hope and joy.

Our young people will be helped:

  • To grow in their gifts and talents in a spirit of co-operation,
  • with a sense of responsibility towards God and each other.

They will do this:

  • By showing a commitment to work for justice and peace,
  • in a spirit of compassion for those in need.


This Mission is made real each day as pupils and teachers try to live by the teaching of Christ.

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