Academy Transformation Trust

Our team knows first-hand how to make education better for schools, pupils and their teachers.

For us, the future of UK education relies upon schools working closely together to share best practices, giving every child the best chance in life. We set up ATT to make this vision a reality.

As a not for profit trust, we work with our growing family of primary and secondary academies, and further education providers in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

Our mission is to provide the very best education for all pupils and the highest level of support for our staff to ensure every child leaves our academies with everything they need to reach their full potential.

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An overview of ATT

Our Vision

We have one core purpose:

To have the biggest positive impact in the varied communities we serve through ensuring top drawer education for our learners. #TransformingLives

How do we ensure this across our trust?

In all we do we are:

  1. Ethical to the core, ensuring that education is always front and centre
  2. Futures focused system leaders – never simply followers
  3. Collaborative in every endeavour
  4. Resolutely learner centred

What does this look like across our trust?


We are:

  1. Ruthlessly ambitious for all who learn and work with us
  2. Unwaveringly inclusive – determined on eradicating barriers to educational success
  3. Committed to excellent teaching
  4. Determined upon academic excellence for all in our communities
  5. Compassionate, ethical and caring advocates for all in our communities
  6. Outwardly facing and globally conscious


We are:

  1. Committed to the very best people development and empowerment
  2. Determined to shout loudly and share proudly our successes
  3. The best professional and technical experts (supporting education) in the sector
  4. Committed to the very best understanding and management of risk


We are:

  1. Providing the best possible public service for the best possible value
  2. Determined to supplement our public income with shrewd income generation
  3. Building financially sustainable models of educational improvement in our communities
  4. Demonstrably efficient in all we do

Our values

We are:

  • We will work inclusively within our communities, embracing the varied localities we serve while sharing our common vision and values.
  • We will develop the very best leaders of the future, working to improve education and transform lives.
  • We will adhere unwaveringly to the ‘Nolan Principles’ of Public Service, which is made clear in our commitment to Ethical Leadership.

Our ‘Institute’ is an umbrella term for all people development available to all ATT stakeholders. It serves our whole ATT community: children and young people, parents and carers, employees and the wider community.

We are committed to the very best people development. We empower all stakeholders through equality of opportunity and place the needs of our stakeholders and the communities we serve at the front and centre of all we do. We believe we are better together and value collaboration within and beyond our organisation. ATT People Development activities will be the very best learning our stakeholders have ever had. Through high-quality people development we will all transform lives and communities.

Our Institute is a learning eco-system through which all people within our communities and beyond can thrive. It starts with the belief that we are all leaders of our eco-system. Leadership does not just come from the top; it has to be genuinely stakeholder-led. Irrespective of our role: admin, education, estates, finance, governance and operations, we all have a responsibility to make things better for children and young people and to help ensure that teachers are delivering a top drawer education. Thus, we have a professional obligation to keep getting better through engagement in people development activities so that the ‘edge’ between schools and communities, where educators work with pupils, parents and carers and communities is the best it can possibly be.

We resolutely believe it is our moral and professional imperative to hear all voices and use our own agency to develop others within and beyond our Trust. ATT employees must use their local leadership to develop and lead others beyond their immediate setting and beyond our own Institute. The advancement of our Institute in this way, will lead to whole of system improvement and transform more lives and more communities.

Flexible working gives employees the opportunity to achieve a better balance between work and other commitments, often by making small changes to working patterns and hours. Managers will make every effort to appreciate an employee's needs such as family responsibilities, work and caring responsibilities and be flexible as possible to try and accommodate their required working hours.

At Academy Transformation Trust we put our people's welfare and wellbeing at the centre of everything. Our Wellbeing Strategy covers 4 key areas: Working Environment, Personal Growth, Health and Lifestyle Initiatives and Culture. We aim to promote and maintain the health & wellbeing of employees, with the goal being to enable a positive relationship between an employee's work and their health.

An example of the type of support available to you;

  • Access to free confidential help & advice available to employees 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Access to our ‘inhouse’ Wellbeing Champions to offer support as necessary

Retail discounts on hundreds of high street and online retailers are available through our Together Benefit’s Platform. Saving you money on everything from fashion, groceries, leisure activities, cinema and days out. This also includes a bike scheme, gym scheme and an employee assistance programme which gives you access to free, external, confidential advice on personal and/or work-related issues. We also offer employees an in-house Occupational Health service supporting health and wellbeing.

On our journey of #transforminglives, we are building a Diverse and Inclusive Community. We are aspiring to promote our Inclusivity, via Curriculum and Employee engagement. Together, we want to break down barriers, enjoy each individual and celebrate the value they bring to our Trust Family.

About Us

Welcome to Jubilee Academy Mossley, where we all work together as one family. Our motto ‘Together we will succeed’ is at the heart of all of our work. We are a small primary school based in the town of Bloxwich, catering for children from 3-11 and pride ourselves on our strong relationships with the local community.

We are very, very proud of each of our children and their achievements. We continue to work hard to inspire every child in our school to succeed and follow their hopes and dreams. Our high expectations help to build the pupils confidence so that they can reach their full potential. It is thrilling to know that our former pupils have achieved their dreams in a variety of ways, including Higher Education, Nursing, Teaching and Business.

We give the children at Jubilee Academy Mossley the skills and positive thinking needed to achieve their ambitions and to lead happy, successful lives. We offer an exciting, hands-on learning experience that is tailored to the needs of all our children. You will often find children taking part in great learning programs such as Maths Whizz and using a broad range of devices including iPads, laptops, cameras and audio devices.

Please take your time to browse through our website – I am sure you will agree that we indeed provide exciting opportunities for all. If you would like a more in-depth insight into school please read our Mission and Vision Statement.


I started as Principal at Jubilee Academy in September 2020 in what could have been one of the strangest times to start any new job during a global pandemic. Not only dealing with a whole new virus in the world, but a whole new environment, staff, children and families who I had only ever met via a screen . It was a new experience to say the least. I wouldn't have been able to have such a successful induction into the school if it hadn't have been down to my amazing colleagues in the school and throughout the Trust. It is not very often you find a trust that is so supportive and willing to support new colleagues immediately - a strong sense of family was evident from the start. So now I'm a year on, loving the challenge that being a Principal of a primary academy brings and loving the ability to further support colleagues and families in the school and now across the trust. I now not only drive parental engagement in my own school, but have an active leadership role of driving parental engagement across our trust with some very exciting things happening next academic year.

Kate Benton, Principal
Kate Benton, Principal
Jubilee Primary Academy

Assistant Principal

Joanne Westwood

As an ex pupil of Jubilee Academy (then Mossley Primary School), I am extremely proud of my own career Journey. I started as a parent helper in 2000, when my daughters were in Early Years. I used to hear readers and support in lessons. I then realised that the 12 years that I had spent in accounting were not my true calling.

I enrolled on a level 3 course for teaching assistants and became a SEND teaching assistant in 2002. From there I did not look back. I became Year 6 class YA in 2003 and In 2004, I completed my higher level teaching assistant qualification (HLTA) and began to take whole classes, supporting the then assistant principal. This allowed me to have an excellent insight into what it would be like to be a teacher.

September 2003 saw me enrol onto the Foundation Degree for Teaching Assistants with Staffordshire University, which I completed in 2006, enrolling immediately on the top up to my honours degree. From 2006, I became an unqualified teacher, which enabled me to also enrol on my teacher training through the registered teacher programme with Newman University. I completed my training as teacher of Year 6 and qualified in May 2008. As a result of this, I was then taken on as a permanent teacher at Mossley, a dream come true!

I did not stop there. I was completely bitten by the teaching bug and wanted to give something back to other, so I immediately enrolled on a post—graduate reflective practice course and mentoring course with Wolverhampton University. This gave me a post-graduate certificate in Enhancing Learning. This has enabled me to effectively support student teacher and NQT within our setting. As lead 1:1 tutor, History and MFL lead, I knew that SEND is where my passions lay. I enrolled on the Specialist Teacher with AMBDA qualification with Edge Hill University and successfully qualified in 2013.

As a result of my specialist qualification, I was asked to take on the SENCO role and promoted to the Senior Leadership Team within the Academy that same year, with responsibility of KS2 added to the role.

In February 2017, I applied for and was successful in gaining the post of assistant principal and in the summer of that year had designated safeguarding lead also added to my role.

In order to further support our teaching assistants who were successfully taking part in various NVQs, I completed my CACHE assessors’ course and this meant that I was able to support a significant number of TAs in achieving their qualifications. This was done through ATTFE and was a valuable experience. It means that I am able to support apprentices, understanding the route they are taking and what support is needed.

I am still assistant principal today at Jubilee and part of an exciting cohort of leaders who are completing their national professional qualifications for headship (NPQH). This is due to be completed in November 2021.

My Jubilee journey has been unique, but one completely worthwhile. The support for further development has enabled me to continue to grow as a leader and support others with their aspirations too.


Nelly the Nurture Dog

Nelly the Nurture Dog!

We have a very special member of staff who is here for the benefit of all our pupils.

Nelly is a chocolate Cockapoo who began her training with us in September 2020 when she was just over 2 years old.

In her spare time, Nelly is a family pet who lives with Mrs Benton and her family. At home she gets to be a much loved dog who plays in the garden and gets walked in the fields and park. She also has some dog friends with whom she loves to play

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