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Kinver is a small 11 - 18 secondary school providing for about 600 students.

We are located in the beautiful, rural village setting of Kinver and serve a wide area also comprising the South Staffordshire villages of Stourton, Swindon, Bobbington and Trysull. Over recent years a substantial number of children have travelled in from the southern and western parts of Stourbridge including Norton, Wollaston, Wordsley and from Cookley in Worcestershire. Kinver is also conveniently located for travel to and from Bridgnorth, Dudley and Kidderminster.

Kinver High School is widely recognised as a friendly and welcoming school community where all are valued. We aim to support and challenge all our students to work hard and have high aspirations for academic success and personal development. We do this through a curriculum designed to ensure that students develop the wide range of skills and attributes required to be a successful member of society as well as gaining the best possible recognised qualifications; a clear and positive behaviour and rewards system which ensures the school has a positive learning environment, and a comprehensive student support structure making sure all students can access help and guidance when they need it.

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Our Culture

Engage, Succeed, Aspire to Lead

Our dictum guides all that we do and by choosing to study at Kinver High, you can be assured that your child will be challenged to achieve their very best academically, as well as being supported and encouraged to develop the moral, social, and emotional intelligence to succeed outside of the classroom in a wide variety of ways.

Kinver High is a school that uses its relatively small size to great effect. Our students are not lost in the crowd. We recognise the need to personalise our teaching to get the very best out of each individual. Ours classrooms provide engaging opportunities to work and learn in groups and we believe that effective and regular feedback helps our students to improve and make good progress. Our ambitious curriculum and wider opportunities for enrichment, leadership, and personal development ensures that all of our students are equipped with the skills and acumen to become tomorrow's leaders and to continue to always aim, to be the best that they can be.

Reassuringly, our priorities are clear as to what we feel makes us, a successful school.

We believe that:

Pupils need to feel safe and happy​

Pupils should be fully engaged and immersed into a wide range of learning activities

Opportunities should be provided both in and out of the classroom

All pupils, regardless of ability, should be given every opportunity to achieve their full potential

We are immensely proud of all the students we teach and have taught and would encourage anyone who shares our values to come and join our family at Kinver High


Part of Invictus Education Trust

"Invictus Education Trust is a new way for children to experience the highest quality of education."

Invictus Education Trust: On December 1st Leasowes High School officially joined the Invictus family of schools. We welcome this exciting opportunity for collaboration and new opportunities for students and staff. We look forward to working closely with Ellowes Hall Sports College, Kinver High School, Ousdale High School and Crestwood High School in the Invictus Education Trust.

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"We are a tightly knit group of highly successful schools, none of whom is more than a 25 minute drive away from each other. The schools will proudly retain their separate identities but they will also work very closely together to produce the best possible outcomes. It is our declared intention to provide elite experiences for all our students. Indeed we plan to compare ourselves to the very best schools, be they either state or independent."

Our Location

Enville Road, Kinver

Our Location

Our Location
CB24 4RS