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About Us

Noremarsh is part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust where our shared values are compassion, respect and ambition. 

Schools do not exist in isolation; they are cornerstones of the local community who work in partnership with parents and other stakeholders. We all need to work collaboratively to develop our children into reflective and resilient learners who are equipped to succeed in the ever changing world, which is the future. 

Society today provides our children with a range of challenges and opportunities that are entirely different to those that many of us encountered when we were young. At Noremarsh we challenge every child so they have the skills and confidence they need to develop their unique potential. This includes curriculum skills; particularly in English and Maths; but also having the ability to organise themselves and interact effectively with others, recognising the importance of self-awareness, empathy and well-being.

Our Aims and Values

At Noremarsh we are proud to be an integral part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust or RWBAT. Many of our children will go on to do their secondary education at RWBA and it makes every sense for us to mirror their stated values in all that we teach and do. 

The Values of the RWBAT

The qualities and values of Compassion, Respect and Ambition are those which are essential in RWBAT. We are dedicated to ensuring every child achieves above and beyond their potential with secure and enduring relationships with and within each school in the Trust. 

Aims and Expectations

At Noremarsh we strongly believe that for the children to reach their full potential, there needs to be a partnership between parents, children and staff. 

All parties have a vital role to play.

Our aims for teaching and learning are that our children will:

  • Be given an equal opportunity to reach their full potential academically and socially. 
  • Have their awareness of moral and spiritual values continually raised.
  • Be encouraged to become independent learners equipped with essential skills for life. 
  • Be encouraged to have understanding, tolerance and a respect for the needs of others that can be shown through thoughts and deeds. 
  • Be able to demonstrate an increasing respect for their own and others’ possessions, developing an increasing appreciation and concern for  their immediate and the wider environment. 

All members of the school community work towards these aims. We therefore have the following expectations: 


  • Recognise that each child is an individual.
  • Plan and provide a stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Ensure that all children are treated equally.
  • Create a safe environment.


  • Ensure children attend school regularly and punctually.
  • Show an interest in the work of their children and what is happening in the school. 
  • Foster children’s sense of responsibility.
  • Encourage children to complete homework properly and return it on time. 
  • Inform the school of changes in children’s home circumstances and health. 


  • Take responsibility for their own actions, making sure they follow school rules. 
  • Complete homework to expected standard and return it on time.
  • Remember to take letters and messages home promptly.
  • Be ready to listen, learn and contribute, and allow others to do the same. 
  • Respect other children and adults, recognising they have rights too.

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust

We are proud to be part of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust.

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust (RWBAT) was set up as a Multi Academy Trust in May 2017. In establishing RWBAT, we committed to offering strategic leadership and management expertise to facilitate collaboration, commitment leading to high levels of school improvement opportunities to each Academy within RWBAT.

Our roles in leading RWBAT are based on the simple premise of seeking to maximise the life chances of every pupil within the Trust. We believe this can be achieved through sharing leadership principles and management processes which support high levels of attainment and achievement and which ensure staff and pupils are equipped to deliver the highest levels of performance in each Academy.

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