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Our team knows first-hand how to make education better for schools, pupils and their teachers.

For us, the future of UK education relies upon schools working closely together to share best practices, giving every child the best chance in life. We set up ATT to make this vision a reality.

As a not for profit trust, we work with our growing family of primary and secondary academies, and further education providers in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

Our mission is to provide the very best education for all pupils and the highest level of support for our staff to ensure every child leaves our academies with everything they need to reach their full potential.

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About Us

Here at Phoenix Academy, we are extremely ambitious for our pupils and although our pupils have a range of different needs, we strive to eradicate barriers to educational success for all.

We are pupil centred, and this means that we recognise that achievement has many forms and the imparting of skills that will have life-long benefits is key to our teaching philosophy. Our teachers are committed to delivering excellent learning experiences for all pupils, with a key focus on their wellbeing through compassionate and ethical engagement. We will help them to be the very best they can be.

Once our pupils move onto secondary school, we are proud that they will leave with high self esteem that enables them to meet the challenges ahead with determination and confidence.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the academy. We are currently unable to arrange visits due to the current pandemic but hope to be able to offer these in the near future.

Miss E. Phillips



Principal Journey

My journey to becoming a Principal at Phoenix.

Having been a child of a special school deputy head teacher, this meant I spent a lot of time visiting his school as a child. I was even lucky enough to go on several residential visits with the pupils too giving me a very early love of Special Education and the differences, you can make.

So, when I was given the opportunity to work there when I was older as a one-to-one TA I embraced the experience. My life has look me on many journeys since then, and during these journeys I found Phoenix, where I was given a wonderful opportunity to support pupils that were at fear of permanent exclusion. I worked with them and supported them back in to mainstream schools. At this time, I had very little experience of working with SEMH pupils and went home each night completely exhausted but ready to try again each new day!! I loved it, way more than I ever imagined, the pupils could be challenging but I truly found the small differences I could make rewarding. I found myself thinking about how these pupils could access more and what strategies I could implement to support them.

I took a decision to leave Phoenix when the funding for this ceased. I went away sad but happy I now knew I wanted to teach as a career, so I spent the next year becoming a teacher at UWIC University!!

I then started looking for a job and noticed a teaching position was advertised at Phoenix for a PPA teacher. I applied and was delighted to have gotten the job. Now eleven years after first starting there I am proud to say I'm now Principal. Over the years I have meet some of the most wonderful people both staff and pupils. No day is ever the same but there is always laughter and hope. Sometimes there are tears too and definitely difficult days but working with a strong team that supports each other always lifts spirits quickly. I love the school and believe that if we put in the right support and nurture our pupils then they can feel safe and achieve. Over the years I have worked there I have learned a great deal and now feel worthy of calling myself a semi expert of SEMH and Principal of Phoenix Academy. I can't wait to see where our journey takes us next!


Meet Our Lovely Team

Vice Principal

Phoenix is a place of new beginnings. Having worked here for over nine years, I can honestly express from the bottom of my heart that that there is no-where else I would rather be. Every single person who works within this academy is valued; recognised in their desire to support some of the most vulnerable children and help them to grow and become the best that they can be. We strive to provide our learners with the skills they need to work together and follow their dreams. We believe in them and help them to believe in themselves. No two days are the same at Phoenix and we are ready to adapt to meet the challenges we face. We want everyone to feel safe and secure inside our academy and build the trusting relationships needed to learn and to thrive. This is made possible by the dedication and continued professional development of all who work here and the strengths that each individual can bring to our Team. I sometimes feel that if I was a stick of rock, Phoenix would run through the heart of me!


Assistant Principal

Since starting at Phoenix Academy in April this year, I have been warmly welcomed and I really feel like an integral part of the team. Everyone at Phoenix works together to support some of the most vulnerable children in Walsall and surrounding local authorities. We all share the same ethos to make a difference in these children's lives and constantly reflect and adapt to our pupils' needs. Walking around the school, you always see the unwavering positivity of staff as they encourage, support and teach our pupils a range of key skills that will support their future ability to engage in society. To be a part of this team is a privilege and I would advocate what we do here to anyone who doesn't understand social, emotional and mental health.



After working in the Early Years Sector for 15 years I was ready for a change in direction. I began at Phoenix Academy in April 2019 as a Teaching Assistant in a year 3 class. I have since supported key stage 1 pupils as they began their journey at Phoenix breaking down those early barriers to education and unsettling school beginnings. In September 2020 I was lucky enough to gain a promotion to a HLTA. This role has seen me deliver PSHE and RE lessons across the school, delivering RWI lessons and supporting pupils through intervention targets

They say that everyday is a learning opportunity and they are not wrong. As much as I am putting in to the school the school I am getting back. The staff around me are supportive and always on hand with a different viewpoint and suggestions to enable evolving practice and improvement. As a team we strive for the best opportunities for our pupils and it is the best feeling to know I am part of that team.


Office Manager

I began working at Phoenix Academy as a part time receptionist in 2008. I am currently the office manager, and over the years I have seen many changes. Teaching techniques, curriculum and practices are constantly being updated and improved to provide a full and engaging education to our students.

Staff are friendly and welcoming, and we work well as a team, supporting each other in what can, at times, be a difficult environment.

At Phoenix Academy we pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for our students, and we are constantly striving to improve.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of our Phoenix family and seeing how our students go from strength to strength during their journey with us.


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