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About Us

Our vision for pupils of The Wellington Academy is to produce young adults who are ambitious, inquisitive and independent. Armed with these personality traits they will then be positioning perfectly to become effective and contributing members of the local, national and global community.

The Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust is based around ‘excellence’ and our guiding principle is to drive towards this both academically and personally for each and every learner.

We celebrate effort and achievement equally but realise students will need to try, try and try again to master all aspects of their learning along the way. As the equation (displayed on the wall within the Academy) shows, at The Wellington Academy we value effort (as without this success will not follow), expect failure to be needed as a result of efforts and that to overcome these failures, personal resilience will need to be developed. We know that these skills take time to develop and our taught and sub curriculum have explicit themes to develop these as a pupil moves through the academy.

All staff will work hard with young people and families to ensure that The Wellington Academy community is strong and embeds the school within the local communities it serves.


Our Vision

The 21st century must undoubtedly be the most exciting era for the human race. With rapid and often unpredictable change occurring at exponential speed. 

Many of the jobs which exist today did not exist just under a decade ago and we are preparing a generation for which, for the first time, we are unable to make real predictions about their careers, development and life paths. Our young people will inherit a different world and it is our job to ensure that when they leave us they are ready to enter this world and, not just survive it but, thrive in it. 

We must ensure that they have a strong sense of ‘self’, are confident and, most of all, that they are happy. We must ensure that neither they nor we set limits on learning, ambition, ability, aspiration and dreams. We must ensure that they are highly skilled and educated, having progressed well through school and having attained the best qualifications required in order to open any door that they choose to enter. We must make them truly competitive. We must ensure that they know their own worth but also that they appreciate the worth of others, respecting the choices and opinions of the people that they walk through life beside.

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust

We are proud to be part of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust.

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust (RWBAT) was set up as a Multi Academy Trust in May 2017. In establishing RWBAT, we committed to offering strategic leadership and management expertise to facilitate collaboration, commitment leading to high levels of school improvement opportunities to each Academy within RWBAT.

Our roles in leading RWBAT are based on the simple premise of seeking to maximise the life chances of every pupil within the Trust. We believe this can be achieved through sharing leadership principles and management processes which support high levels of attainment and achievement and which ensure staff and pupils are equipped to deliver the highest levels of performance in each Academy.

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