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Parkhill Junior School

Parkhill Junior School

Parkhill Junior school is housed in a single storey 1930s building on a 7 acre site shared with the seperate Infants School. There are 4 classes in Y3,Y4 and Y6 and 3 in Y5. The staff are enthusiastic and supportive and have a sense of humour.
The pupils come from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds and 17 languages are spoken. The school is well resourced and has a well established behaviour policy. Staff development is a strong feature of the school and at present the school is involved in an action research project with the Institute of Education.

The staff work in teams and planning is undertaken together. The school is committed to the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum and music and art are a key feature of this.

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Parkhill Junior School

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Parkhill Junior School

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