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Pakefield Primary School

Pakefield Primary School

Our school is part of a hard working community, filled with lots of joyful lessons throughout the school year. At Pakefield Primary all of the children and staff are very kind to one another. In school we all have our rights, wrongs and rules to respect. Every single one of the children enjoy coming to school, looking forward to learn and play with each other. When we come in to the class room we are always ready to learn, we are entitled to our own opinions, however if we disagree with someone we wait until they are finished, to put our hand up and say why we don't agree with them. At school we are always friends and no one gets bullied or hurt, we are all very caring about each other. The best thing about Pakefield Primary School is that whenever you need help there is always someone there to help no matter what.

Don't be scared to come to school, because we will be by your side through out your journey at Pakefield Primary School.

Written by Eva (Pandas Year 6 Class)

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Pakefield Primary School

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Pakefield Primary School

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