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Fairfield Junior School

Fairfield Junior School

Fairfield Junior School is situated in the heart of Douglas, on the edge of the busy business and finance district in Tynwald Street. The school serves a large catchment area, taking in the center of Douglas out as far as part of Quarterbridge Road. This area provides us with a diverse cross-section of pupils from varying socio-economic backgrounds.

The school opened as a Junior Mixed School on 10th September 1973, but it is found in a building which, we think, first opened its doors exactly 90 years earlier. Prior to 1973, half the building housed Tynwald Street Mixed Infants’ School and the other half housed Tynwald Street Girls’ Junior School. With boys of junior age being educated at Demesne Road Boys’ school. Reorganisation of the schools in 1973 resulted in the creation of Fairfield Junior School in the Tynwald Street building and the establishment of Ballacloan Infants’ School on the Demesne Road site.

Most of our pupils transfer from Ballacloan Infants’ School at the end of Year 2. Other pupils do of course join Fairfield throughout Key Stage 2 both from other Island Schools and from much further away. Recently, we have received children from India, South Africa, Cayman and Uruguay, as well as countries much closer to the island. Children spend their junior years at Fairfield, joining us in the September of the school year in which they are 8 years old and transferring to secondary school at the end of the school year in which they are 11.

At present, there are around 200 pupils at Fairfield, arranged in eight classes. There are two parallel classes in each of the four year groups. There are ten full time teachers, including the Headteacher, two 0.5 teachers and four Learning Support Assistants who each work on a 0.5 basis.

Whilst the building is almost 120 years old, an extension programme of refurbishment has taken place so that it is able to provide suitable facilities for education today. The refurbishment programme is still continuing. Recently, an under-utilised shared area outside the main hall had been transformed through the creation of a new ICT room. There have also been associated improvements to cloakrooms and the opening up of the areas outside the classrooms in that part of the school.

In common with other schools on the Island, Fairfield has benefited from the Isle of Man Department of Education’s investment programme in Information and Communication Technology and the new ICT room has a number of iMac computers, printers and a projector. A fully networked system of computers and printers can be found throughout the school. Each member of the teaching staff is provided with a laptop computer.

We are fortunate to be able to use the facilities of the nearby Kensington Road sports ground for our games lessons. We are also ideally situated to enjoy many facilities which other schools have to travel to. For example, we make extensive use of the facilities and workshop sessions at the Manx Museum which is a short walk away.

Fairfield has just received a very positive ‘Focused Review’ which was undertaken to review progress since our Inspection in June 2002.

Fairfield is a happy school, where all children and staff are highly valued. We aim to nurture, stimulate and encourage the development of the individual within a framework of consistent and fair expectations.

If you would like to visit the school, please contact the Headteacher, so that this can be arranged.

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Fairfield Junior School

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