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Foxfield Primary School

Foxfield Primary School

<p>Everything we do is guided by our vision and aims for Foxfield.</p>
<h2>Our Vision for Foxfield</h2>
<p>Foxfield School is a place within our community where kindness, respect and a determination to learn are valued above everything else.  We are a school that celebrates the achievements of all.  We know that the future will be exciting and take responsibility for the changes we can make.    Through the co-operation of our children, families, staff and governors, we enjoy being part of something that is powerful and significant.  <strong></strong></p>
<p>We are all proud to be part of Foxfield School and proud of who we are.</p>
<h2>Our school aims</h2>
<p>In order for children to learn effectively we aim to create a supportive and safe, environment that stimulates and challenges all members of the school community enabling them achieve their full potential free from discrimination.  Foxfield promotes respect for the individual, fosters caring attitudes and celebrates the diversity of our local community.  We are committed to the principle of an integrated and fully comprehensive education that meets the needs of all children.</p>
<p>We believe that children do well when school and home work together.  We like parents/carers to become involved in their children’s learning both in school and at home.</p>

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Foxfield Primary School

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Foxfield Primary School

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