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Cleves Primary

Cleves Primary

The Aims of Our School.

These are the agreed aims of the staff of Cleves Primary School. They are reviewed annually.

We have a shared vision of developing relationships and a curriculum that ensures that everyone feels valued, respected and reaches a high level of achievement.

1. Access to learning.

To provide an environment where each child of every race, gender, class and learning need is truly recognised, accepted and valued.

To create an environment where there is a place for everyone and there is a feeling of belonging.To develop high positive self-esteem in all children and adults.To enable children to be aware of their interdependency on each other.

2. Curriculum.

To have an approach to the curriculum that promotes high levels of achievement and which enable children to reach their potential.

To enable children to have access to and experience the whole curriculum (including the Foundation and National Curriculum and RE).

To have a recording and assessment system that demonstrates children’s achievement, their development and progression.

3. Process of learning.

To acknowledge that all children are decision makers and to enable them to become active participants in their own learning.

To enable learning to start from the child’s needs.

To ensure that all the experiences for the children are positive and rigorous.

To provide a smooth transition from the Early Years to Year 6.

To prepare children for the transition from Primary to Secondary school successfully and confidently.

4. Working co-operatively.

To ensure that everyone: Teachers, Children, Parents, Governors, and other members of the community work co-operatively and collaboratively to enable the achievement of all.

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Cleves Primary

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