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Fallings Park

Fallings Park

Bushbury Hill Junior School - General Aims

To develop each child:
emotionally aesthetically intellectually physically morally socially

To enable EACH child to participate in and be valued by society and to be personally fulfilled.

To raise academic standards for ALL children, regardless of race or gender.

To create a school community in which all involved are valued for their worth irrespective of social class, creed, culture or intellectual capacity and which reflects and takes advantage of the richness of modern society.

To specifically write inter-cultural aspects into schemes of work, RE., assemblies, topics, visitors, customs, costume etc.

To cater for individual needs of ALL children, which result from the social, cultural, or religious background, to maintain records of these special needs and to monitor the success of curriculum policies in meeting them.
To promote in young children the perception of all other human beings as having similarities to, as well as differences, from themselves, as having similar feelings, aspirations hopes, fears and moral values.

To encourage children to appreciate that we live in a global village, interdependent one upon the other.

To discourage ALL forms of stereotyping.

To help children to understand the concepts of justice, fair-mindedness, equal opportunity.
We would favour a ‘permeating policy’, that all job descriptions, schemes of work etc. include a multi-cultural element where appropriate.

Postal Address

Fallings Park

Old Fallings Lane

Low Hill


West Midlands

WV10 8BY

Fallings Park

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