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Francis Holland Clarence Gate

Francis Holland Clarence Gate

At Francis Holland we encourage our pupils to pursue the highest standards in all they undertake, and to develop the confidence, adaptability and independence they will need to succeed throughout their lives.

Francis Holland, Clarence Gate, is committed to the development of the individual girl, and is characterised by a warm atmosphere in which pupils feel secure but are challenged to perform to the highest standards in all they do. They are encouraged to take responsibility, to think for themselves and to contribute to the community as well as to pursue their own goals.

We offer a balanced and exciting curriculum, and the excellent specialist teaching they receive prepares them very well for higher education in a wide variety of courses. We also offer a lively range of extra-curricular activities in which girls are expected to participate and through which they can develop their individual skills.

We believe that when girls leave Francis Holland they have the self-confidence, adaptability and independence necessary to make the most of their future lives and to tackle any challenges they may meet.

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Francis Holland Clarence Gate

Ivor Place


Greater London


Francis Holland Clarence Gate

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