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BrainOBrain – coaching and training in whole brain and lifetime skills for children. We use mental arithmetic skills to enhance mind power, increase brain productivity and double the mental abilities in children.

Our Advanced Abacus Brain Development Programme encompasses;
Abacus Mental Arithmetic
International NLP
Personality Analysis & Communication Skills
International Brain Gym
Vocabulary & Spelling Skills
Observation & Concentration Skills
Positive Belief Systems
Attitude Formation
Mental Gymnastics
Creative Art & Story Writing Skills
Leadership Skills
Quick & retentive Memory
Good Habits & Etiquette
There are many reasons to join us at BrainOBrain™...and one of the reasons is…To strive towards excellence armed with the wining edge...

Our child friendly abacus syllabus requires only 15 minutes of practice every day and within just a few months you will see huge improvements in your son/daughter's abilities in all school subjects, mental arithmetic and personal development.

We believe in teaching children lifetime skills. Skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. All of our teachers are certified, qualified and highly competent in our abacus training. They have all met our highly stringent quality policies and passed our strict training and coaching courses.

Traditional teaching focuses on teaching knowledge only, but with the right skills in place children can develop knowledge – without the right skills it is very difficult to develop the knowledge taught in schools. Learning to swim by reading a book for example would be almost impossible, but with the right skills and experience, swimming becomes natural and easy.

Our skills courses have been developed using the Advanced Abacus syllabus, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Personality Development techniques. BrainOBrain™ have been benefiting more than 15,000 students over the last 5 years all over the globe.

Perhaps you are a teacher, or interested in teaching children between the ages of 5 to 14. Our BrainOBrain™ franchise plan allows you to set up a BrainOBrain™ teaching centre in your local area. We help you to set up a centre and we train you to train children in Advanced Abacus, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Personality Development Skills.

If you pass our qualifying tests and interviews, we help you in your transformation as an efficient faculty.

We are here to help you every step of the way in your entrepreneurial transformation. We help you to get the first batch of students, with which, you can start comfortably teaching what you learn from us.

In total we provide you with nearly three years training to get you to an advanced BrainOBrain™ Abacus skills level. You can begin teaching after level 1 training, and then attend further courses every three months.

The cost for this opportunity is £1000 (plus VAT) which includes all of your training, a set up pack and business help and support with your BrainOBrain™ centre. We assign you to a local business development manager who will take care of all of your enquiries.

Bristol, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and many many more locations around the UK.

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46 Alexander Gate