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PHORMS Management AG

PHORMS Management AG

The PHORMS Education Concept is based on sound education research and best teaching and learning practices throughout the world. Considerable time and resources have been invested in its creation and its validity has been tested by leading global educators. Ongoing assessment of the quality of our programme is an integral part of the education concept.

A driving force behind this concept is the identified needs of students and society in our rapidly changing world. At PHORMS we believe it is essential that students become independent learners and are well equipped to meet the demands of the twenty first century.

The PHORMS Mission is to promote and develop the full potential of each student within a challenging and secure environment using and developing his or her natural curiosity and willingness to learn. It is our goal to recognise the uniqueness of each child and to develop the appropriate learning strategies for that child. Our teachers have the responsibility to facilitate the academic and personal growth of students and to provide regular feedback to parents.

We want our students to combine knowledge with critical thinking and to have the entrepreneurial skills and self-confidence to meet the demanding tasks they will encounter in life.

At PHORMS we define entrepreneurial skills in line with the OECD Report of 2001.

These include

- digital literacy
- strong communication and collaborative skills
- critical thinking and adaptability
- persistence

PHORMS students are expected to develop a strong sense of social accountability and a commitment to the school, their local environment and the world in which they live – Local Roots and Global Thinking.

The full day school programme allows us to build strong relationships with our students and to thereby develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of our students. It also permits us to beneficially balance the academic and social demands of a school day.

The PHORMS curriculum provides teachers with the infra-structure to plan and develop what happens in the classroom. It encourages a developmental and integrated approach to lesson planning on a weekly, monthly, termly and annual basis. Thus teachers are able to effectively differentiate in a mixed-ability classroom.

Teachers in the primary and secondary schools are encouraged to work collaboratively and to prepare students for the transition to the next grade. PHORMS places great emphasis on ongoing professional development for its teaching staff and this achieved through in-service training, master teaching and external conference.

Teaching staff at all PHORMS schools are required to teach to the same prescribed standards

Education Core Values

The PHORMS education philosophy is based on these core values and is inherent to everything we do:

- A commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and the achievement of personal potential
- The pursuit of excellence in all areas of activity and effort
- A positive and optimistic approach to life
- Respect of self and others including the recognition of the uniqueness of each individual
- Social and civic responsibility which seeks to explore and promote the common good and values, social justice, cultural diversity and the emotional and physical well being of others.
- Concern and respect for the natural and cultural environment.

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