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Firwood Manor Preparatory School

Firwood Manor Preparatory School

<p>We aim to nurture a love of learning in every child through our rich, stimulating and diverse curriculum. It is designed to develop a focused approach to work, enabling all our children to realise their potential.</p>
<p>Our vision for learning is inclusive as we seek to meet the needs of pupils regarded as more able, gifted and talented as well as for those assessed as having particular learning difficulties. Each classroom is equipped with all the resources needed to deliver the best education to our children, there are specialist classrooms to teach Science, Art & Design and ICT and there is an extensive school library.</p>
<p>Children’s progress is tracked regularly by teacher intervention and formal testing to ensure that it is consistent with the aims for that child. We have high, but realistic, expectations of all our children and we are able to meet, and in many instances, exceed these expectations by catering for each individual child and tailoring their education specifically to their needs.</p>
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<p>Excellent results in grammar school entrance examinations are a by-product of the experience we provide for our children.</p>

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Firwood Manor Preparatory School

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