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Pera Management Services Ltd

Pera Management Services Ltd

For over 40 years, Pera Training has brought first-rate technical and leadership learning to all areas of the UK economy — including the engineering, manufacturing, service, financial, and public sectors.

Whatever their size and sector, one thing in common amongst all our clients is their attitude to training, they all want the type of support from us that gives real results to their people, in turn providing them with bottom-line benefits for their business.

To provide such results, we focus on your needs – always working closely with you to help shape, facilitate, coach and mentor your people.

Last year alone Pera trained more than 5,500 learners in 350 client companies. Our diverse client list runs into the hundreds, and includes global brands such as Barclays and Coca Cola Enterprises.

We have been certificated to ISO 9001 by LRQA for our training. This means you can rest assured that our training is only of the highest standard.

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Pera Management Services Ltd

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Pera Management Services Ltd

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