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Prospects Academies Trust

Prospects Academies Trust

<h2>Our Mission</h2>
<p>Our mission is to establish a Trust of primary, secondary and special academies as centres of excellence, which challenge standards, encourage enquiry and prepare children and young people for a changing world building on the latest academic research in developing our workforce.</p>
<h2>Our Vision</h2>
<p>Prospects Academies Trust: Inspiring Success and Delivering Excellence</p>
<p>• Inspiring success for individual pupils, students and staff through a dynamic and diverse experience of teaching and learning in an academy that reaches for the highest standards of excellence</p>
<p>• Delivering excellence through a creative, focussed approach to raising standards of achievement for all and delivering sustainable improvement</p>
<h2>Our Values</h2>
<p>Trust, honesty and mutual respect</p>
<p>Prospects Academies Trust is built on a foundation of trust, honesty and mutual respect. Together we will establish a community of academies and free schools which will work together as a family of learning, with the same values, aspirations and a commitment to success for all students.</p>
<h2>A culture of openness</h2>
<p>We recognise that open communication is an important element of a successful partnership. The Trust will encourage an atmosphere of mutual regard with staff able to voice concerns and ask questions, with the Trust equally able to have high expectations of the integrity of all staff employed by the Trust.</p>
<h2>Building on strengths but confronting reality</h2>
<p>Together we will build on the strengths of our academies, developing a confidence in our capacity to improve by sharing knowledge and expertise, but using the strength of the relationship we establish to confront the reality and challenges of individual academies.</p>
<h2>Learning and developing together</h2>
<p>Our academies will create an environment in which all our pupils, students and staff thrive and where their skills, experience and potential are recognised and developed and learning is shared.</p>
<h2>Expecting the best in all our work to inspire success and excellence</h2>
<p>We will use the difference and diversity of our academies to enhance the creativity of our teaching and learning offer so that we build on our internal strength, expecting the best of all pupils, students and staff so that we inspire everyone to succeed in all aspects of learning.</p>
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Academy Details

Prospects Academies Trust

Kingfisher House

21-23 Elmfield Road


Greater London


Prospects Academies Trust