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Rose Street Primary School

Rose Street Primary School

<p>The Sheerness West Federation consists of West Minster Primary School and Rose Street Primary School. Both are community schools, and share learning and management opportunities across the federation. We are part of the locally-accountable education service, working closely with each other and with Kent County Council, the Local Education Authority.</p>
<p>West Minster and Rose Street Primary Schools are situated in a large housing estate on the outer edge of Sheerness, a coastal town steeped in dockyard history and also a holiday resort. The housing is a mixture of privately owned properties and local housing association homes. The homes vary from new semi-detached homes to older, more established family homes and sheltered housing.</p>
<p>West Minster Primary consists of fourteen classes and includes an Early Years unit, nursery, music studio, school hall, library room and administrative offices. Each teaching area is well resourced, with access to facilities such as a computers, audio visual equipment, wireless broadband internet access and interactive whiteboards. The school can accommodate children with physical disabilities, with full ‘care suite’ facilities.</p>

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Rose Street Primary School

Rose Street School

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Rose Street Primary School

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