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Portsmouth College

<p align="LEFT">Portsmouth College has an outstanding record of academic achievement, and progression on to higher education (65%) in 2011. These strengths were confirmed by OfSTED in our last full inspection in May 2010. The key strengths identified included good progress by learners, demonstrated by their achievement of higher grades than predicted from their attainment on entry, plus high progression rates to higher education. OfSTED recognised as outstanding the highly productive partnerships which meet the needs of the local community. It confirmed that the College receives clear strategic direction from the Governors and Senior Leadership Team.</p>
<p>During the Autumn Term 2009, Portsmouth College became a Beacon College. The College can lay claim to this prestigious title after being named recently as an Association of Colleges (AoC) Beacon Award winner for College/School Partnerships. The AoC Awards celebrate outstanding teaching and learning in further education Colleges and provide national recognition for excellence and innovation in the sector. We have since built on this Beacon Award through the development of our ‘Aiming for Academic Excellence’ programme, designed specifically for the brightest year 10 and 11 pupils in our feeder schools, building their aspirations for their future studies and with the active involvement of the Russell Group of universities.</p>
<p>Since his arrival as Principal in 2005 Steve Frampton has been totally committed to working with Portsmouth City Council and his head teacher colleagues at all of the City’s schools in an effort to raise aspirations and success rates for Portsmouth students. These high-level efforts have been complemented by an ongoing programme of curriculum, careers and enrichment links between staff at College and their colleagues in local schools. The programme also includes specialist revision skills and examination support work with students as well as joint curriculum and staff development programmes. Furthermore, the initiative exchanges ideas and expertise with schools and communities in Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal. These efforts have contributed to consistently rising achievement levels in the City and a significant increase in students’ progression rates at 16, notably to Portsmouth</p>
<p>College. The Beacon Award judges described the project as ‘outstanding’ as it offered ‘genuine commitment to successful and substantive partnership work, resulting in significant improvement in GCSE results, higher student aspiration and lower numbers of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET)’.</p>
<p>In September 2010 there were approximately 930 full-time 16-18 students at the College, following one and two year programmes. As in most sixth form colleges, the majority of students study advanced (level 3) courses, but there is also a large proportion of one-year students working towards level 1 and 2 qualifications such as; NVQs, BTEC First / Introductory and OCR Nationals. The College also runs a highly successful Foundation and Development programme for students with special educational needs. We have a small franchise with the Beneficial Centre providing courses for those with severe learning difficulties. The breadth of provision in the College reflects our aim to cater for the full range of ability and need in the area.</p>
<p>Full-time 16-18 students come to the College primarily from eight out of the ten Portsmouth 11-16 partner schools with a small group from other schools in the area, including special schools. Key Stage 4 results in Portsmouth maintained schools have risen in recent years with nearly 50% of Year 11s gaining five GCSEs at Grade C in 2009. Competition between local colleges to recruit 16-18 year olds is extremely strong so we are delighted that applications to the College have risen by approximately 30% over the past two years. The College has made great progress in recent years in raising the participation of 16-18 year olds. We are, however, very aware of the need to attract more level 1 and 2 students and have recently revised our provision in this area, with the addition of programmes such as Horticulture and Computer Gaming. We have a joint student application form with Highbury College, our partner GFE college, and other local providers, and undertake joint marketing and guidance activities with Highbury. Relationships with our 10 city secondary partner schools are excellent and staff at all levels are actively involved in liaison. We have an excellent working relationship with the LEA and the local LSC. An increasing number of adults are on full-time courses either at College or at three city centre sites. Currently we run a very successful Access to Science and Social Science course at the College.</p>
<p>The College prides itself on its wide range of provision post 19 which includes both full and part-time learners. Our ESOL provision is the largest locally with 160 full-time learners on and off-site and many community based courses. We also have a significant number of full-time learners with learning disabilities. Our traditional Adult Education offers a wide range of courses at a significant number of off-site venues as we recognise this is an important strategy to widen participation and attract new learners. We are very pro-active and successful in promoting partnerships and working on special projects across the area. The Post 19 curriculum team is committed and dedicated to meeting the needs of its many learners.</p>
<p>Portsmouth College has a tradition of academic achievement and very strong value added performance. The pass rate at ‘A’ level in August 2011 was 98% with the excellent A-C rate at 60%. The College has excellent value added results on the ALPs system, featuring in the top 15% of all institutions for A2 results. The College is well known for its lively and consistent commitment to the Arts, with regular dramatic, musical, dance and visual arts productions and exhibitions of high quality. On the back of this reputation, we established the College as a centre of excellence in performance by setting up a Performing Arts Academy from September 2007. There is also a wide-ranging sports programme at a variety of levels and we have already established a Sports Academy. Interest in sport at the College continues to grow as ‘Goals’, the premier five-a-side company in the country, has now opened a high quality £3m five-a-side centre on our site, which has been up and running since August 2010. The</p>
<p>College also has very strong sporting links with both Portsmouth Football Club and the University. Our enrichment programme gives students the opportunity to complement their studies with a range of other activities. Finally, the College lays considerable emphasis on supporting students through its well developed tutorial and guidance system.</p>
<p>Much has been achieved in improving the buildings and facilities at the College. In 2007/08 the College invested in a £1.8m refurbishment of student facilities resulting in a fantastic new student centre including a restaurant, café and I.T. work areas. Other aspects of the project included the development of a professional performance theatre, rehearsal space and green rooms; a PD room and new sports changing facilities. We have recently completed a £1.6 million capital improvement programme which upgraded our student social and IT facilities, creating a new Learning Resources Centre, a one-stop-shop student welfare and support area and an upgrade to our multi-gym.</p>
<p>For staff working in sixth form colleges, life is demanding but rewarding. All of our students have chosen to come to us and the vast majority are very committed to their studies. In addition, many have talents which they pursue through the College with other students and staff. This kind of commitment amongst students in itself demands a similarly committed response from staff. In addition, the variety of the College's examination and non-examination curriculum puts considerable demands on the flexibility and adaptability of teachers. We have an excellent staff development programme and a commitment to training for support and teaching staff.</p>
<p>Portsmouth College is committed to involving all staff in self-assessment and strategic planning to ensure that our ambitious targets are achieved. We are also working closely with all our local partner secondary schools and with Highbury College (a large and local college of further education), and the University of Portsmouth, with the aim of together helping the city to raise achievement and progression rates and to widen participation. We are also a very active member of the Hampshire Sixth Form Colleges Partnership. This ensures all our staff have access to regular and focused staff development opportunities, and career path progression routes locally.</p>

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