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Buckinghamshire LA

Buckinghamshire LA

Encompassing important urban areas as well as some of the most attractive rural areas in the south of England, Buckinghamshire is a county of suprising diversity. It boasts some of the highest educational standards in the country.

Primary education in Buckinghamshire is organised in infant and junior (or combined) schools, with transfer to secondary schools taking place at 11 .

Currently the Authority has 190 primary schools and 3 nursery schools, providing education for some 41,000 pupils.

Throughout the County there is a selective system of secondary schooling, provided by 13 grammar and 21 upper schools. Together, the secondary schools provide education for around 33,000 pupils aged 11-19.

There are 14 special schools, 6 of which have residential places, attended by nearly 1,100 pupils with formal Statements of Special Educational Needs. A further 12,990 pupils attending mainstream primary or secondary schools have been identified as having special educational needs, about 1,206 of these pupils have formal Statements of Special Educational Needs. A small number of pupils attend the 6 Pupil referral Units in the County, on either a full or part-time basis.

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Buckinghamshire LA

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