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The Farnborough Academy

The Farnborough Academy

<p>On the 4 September 2013 we welcomed over 800 students to a new era of education in Clifton, with the opening of our £17 million new build. Built under the governments Building Schools for the Future programme,Farnborough school now boasts state of the art facilities across all its faculties.</p>
<p align="justify">As a Learning Community we care deeply about the quality of the education we provide for our young people and we have been delighted with the repeated endorsements of our work by our pupils, parents, visitors and Inspectors. By providing both support and challenge we wish to unlock the potential of each pupil so that they gain the skills and confidence to flourish at Farnborough and in their lives beyond school. We believe that this is best achieved in a calm and purposeful atmosphere where everyone shows respect for themselves, each other and their school, and feels secure in a disciplined and co-operative working environment.</p>
<p align="justify">Research shows that young people in the Clifton area want to be successful in life. They are keen to be part of well ordered lessons which give them a chance to learn. The Farnborough Academy has clear rules which everyone understands. All pupils are expected to follow them. Only then will everyone be able to learn as much as possible and go on to have the lives they deserve. Many of our parents are former pupils and the number of requests for places continues to grow.</p>
<p align="justify">Employers and those in post-16 receiving educational establishments are also delighted with our pupils and speak very highly of them and how well prepared they are for the next stage of their lives. We are proud of the young people they become and find such positive comments a genuine endorsement of our priorities and achievements.</p>
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The Farnborough Academy

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The Farnborough Academy