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Parkside Community College

Parkside Community College

Parkside will always remain a relatively small school of about 600 boys and girls. The annual intake of 121 pupils covers the complete ability range and includes children with academic and social talents as high as any in the country. The size of the school ensures a strong feeling of community and contributes to the ease of relationships between pupils and staff.
At Parkside we try to be both demanding and liberal. We have high expectations of all our pupils, whatever their abilities and talents, and aim to provide them with the best teaching and support that a dedicated staff can offer. We are fortunate to work in superb buildings in the heart of Cambridge. There are rules, but as far as possible we believe they should be implicit rather than explicit. In May 2000 Ofsted found that Parkside 'has a distinct and inclusive ethos, which values the mature, articulate and self reliant pupils.'
The approach we take is not characteristic of many comprehensive schools: we adopted it by choice, in the conviction that it provides the conditions most conducive to learning. The judgement of Ofsted, that Parkside was among the top 5% of schools in England, confirms our approach.We also play an important role in the field of lifelong learning, as the only community college serving central Cambridge. A wide variety of activities are centred on Parkside, from extension GCSE courses in Latin, through Duke of Edinburgh Award and other youth work, to a full range of evening, weekend and holiday courses. Through our links with Red TV, The Arts Picturehouse and TreeArts, we are increasingly active in providing community projects based on media arts and technology.
As an Arts College specialising in media technology, we are gaining a local, national and international reputation for our work and research in this field and the achievements of our pupils.

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Parkside Community College

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