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Princes Risborough School

Princes Risborough School

At Princes Risborough we emphasise ‘learning’ as the core function of the school and believe that everyone involved with the school should model its importance. We also believe that students learn best when they are excited and involved with their subject, hence the school motto “Enjoy and Achieve”.

We believe that it is this philosophy which has led to 2009 being the most successful ever for exam results. As a Technology College we have the advantage of being at the cutting edge of curriculum development and having modern facilities and equipment to help our students succeed.

We believe in and constantly strive for the highest standards, both academically and in behaviour. Our students will be the citizens of the future and we must prepare them for 21st century life.

THE School's Vision
'Enjoy and Achieve'

By 2010 Princes Risborough will be an excellent school continuing to strive for ever higher standards. It will achieve in the top percentage of the highest value-added scores for pupil progress. It will be recognised both locally and nationally for its partnership working, its Technology specialism and its work with pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It will be oversubscribed in every year and have a thriving Sixth Form. It will work in partnership with a number of educational and business institutions to provide a personalised curriculum for both individuals and groups of students. Its curriculum will be innovative and relevant to the demands of 21st century life and be sustained and enhanced by cutting edge technology.

The third phase of Specialist status will facilitate new opportunities to develop curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities for all students. The school site will additionally include a modern Sports Hall and a number of flexible teaching areas which can be adapted to the changing demands of the curriculum. Fully staffed with specialists in every area the school will have a highly developed programme of continual professional development modelling the concept of life-long learning. Through self-evaluation the school will be devising and developing new approaches to education and will be robust enough to take on, adapt or leave the variety of local and government initiatives in line with its clearly defined sense of purpose and direction. All stakeholders, pupils, parents, local community and governors will have a significant voice in the life and ethos of the school which will centre on the highest expectations possible for the students in our care.

At Princes Risborough School in 2010, just as now, every child matters. All students will enjoy and be challenged by their education. They will achieve or exceed their individual academic potential, be socially responsible and emotionally literate. They will have a sense of ownership of their learning and of their school and will be fully involved in its successful running. As citizens of the 21st century they will shape future society through their positive behaviour, respect for diversity and engagement with local, national and global communities. They will be encouraged to engage in life-long learning, have healthy and safe lifestyles and be economically secure. They will have opportunities to develop self-confidence and positive relationships and be open to and excited by the possibilities of our challenging and changing world. Above all, the 21st century learning environment provided by the school will challenge our students to stretch themselves academically, be socially responsible, self-assured and happy in their work.

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