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Payne Primary School

Payne Primary School

I am proud to be the Headteacher of Payne Primary School. It is a school which values team work and offers a very committed team. As it moves from strength to strength, the staff, the Governors, the children and of course their parents will all continue to strive to work together to make the school one which is constantly improving.
We aim to ensure that all children feel happy, secure and fulfil their potential, whatever their strengths and weaknesses. We aim to celebrate success and learn from any mistakes that might be made along the way. We hope that we have an open and honest working relationship throughout the whole team.
As a small primary school we also value the wider partnership that we enjoy with the Local Education Authority. We can draw on further expertise when it is needed and value the guidance and advice that we receive. We also maintain links with other local primary and secondary schools. We value the skills that parents teach children before they enter school and hope that we will be able to work with parents to support children, as they develop the huge number of skills they need to enable them to develop into caring, decision making, self supporting adults.
As a small school we aim to adopt a family atmosphere. We set high standards, not just in the work that children do but, equally important, in everyone’s attitudes towards each other. We expect our children and our staff to respect and care for each other. Emphasis is placed on happy relationships, in particular care, consideration and co-operation at all levels. We aim to ensure that this extends into our wider school community.
Throughout our school we aim to create a stimulating and interesting environment. We believe that this is important both to develop children’s imagination and desire to learn as well as to motivate those who work in the school.
We encourage children to learn from first hand experience wherever possible and encourage children to take an active part in the learning process. We aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to all of our children, presenting them with a level of challenge that will foster in them a love of learning, joy in living and an understanding and respect for the world in which we live. We aim to prepare them for the next steps in their educational lives and ultimately for becoming responsible, thinking citizens in adult life. We aim to help them to understand that they are on a lifelong journey of learning, experience and discovery. In order for staff to deliver the curriculum, a high standard of behaviour is expected. The children have to take responsibility for their own actions. The children of Payne Primary School have written their own Code of Conduct.
Payne Primary School was built in 1933 to serve the village of Parson Drove and the surrounding area. The school comprises three main areas. Two main teaching areas, which are open plan, and a multi-purpose hall. In addition there are safe areas around the school for children to work in small groups or independently. These include a quiet reading area and a non-fiction library. The children are currently in two class groups. The number of classes changes to accommodate the number of children on roll. The grounds present the children with plenty of space to play. There is a large playground area and a field area; these are used at playtimes and for sporting activities. The grounds are in the process of being enhanced so that they can be used all year round and so that they can offer greater opportunities across the curriculum.
We hope that you will want to become a member of our team and look forward to welcoming the successful applicant into school life.

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Payne Primary School

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