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Fulham Cross Girls' School

Welcome to the Fulham Cross Girls' School Career Site

Welcome to the Fulham Cross Girls' School <span class="darkGrey">Career Site</span>

Fulham Cross is a flourishing, ever improving comprehensive school for 600 girls: it is situated in the inner city to the west of Central London, and is maintained by the local education authority, Hammersmith and Fulham. The School is oversubscribed in all year groups.

The school has demonstrated a dramatic improvement in all aspects over the past few years: examination results have continued to improve, due to the hard work and commitment of the staff, and to the school’s emphasis on the highest possible attainment and achievement of all its pupils. One of the greatest strengths of the school lies in the diversity of its student population. There are representatives from over 45 countries, with over 50 languages spoken at home. Fulham Cross demonstrates the vital importance of single sex schools in raising the achievement of girls, particularly in the inner city. Work and progress are carefully monitored, and parents are kept well informed of progress. Celebration of achievement is evident in every aspect of the school’s relationships with its pupils, who are encouraged to participate in school developments through the School Council.

The school site is an attractive one, with buildings ranging from the main building, built in 1908, through the Technology Block, completed in 1988, to the recently completed Dining Hall. The buildings are well maintained, and it is one of our aims to maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment for our students, and for visitors. Teaching rooms are well equipped: there are two computer network rooms which are fully utilised both during the timetabled day, and after school.

A Flexible Learning Base has been effectively established, with computer and CD ROM facilities. All students have access to the Internet for research and further study. Fulham Cross staff are hard working and committed to the progress of students. Anyone appointed to the school will be expected to contribute positively and effectively to its continued progress. Staff must have a sense of humour, a positive attitude to their work, a dedication to the effective teaching of their subject, and an abundance of common sense. The task remains a challenging one, but it is also extremely satisfying, when such demonstrable improvements are made. The School is a leading participant in the Borough Excellence in Cities Project.

Learning Mentors and Learning Support Unit staff are supporting designated students: the criteria and practice for the support to be provided for targeted pupils in both Key Stages 3 and 4 have been developed and are being put into effective operation. The School has a Gifted and Talented Policy which supports the extended progress of pupils identified as having great potential for attaining the highest levels and grades. Fulham Cross is the lead school in the Fulham Schools’ Partnership Mini- Education Action Zone. With three participating primary schools, the EAZ Plan focuses on supporting targeted groups of pupils from minority communities, and from families where education is not the first priority. ICT is another priority: all full time teaching staff have a laptop, which is used, inter alia, for assessment and lesson planning.

Access to the Internet is also available through the ‘wire-less’ system now in operation in the School. If you relish a challenge, are not afraid of hard work and have both a sense of humour, and a great deal of good old fashioned common sense, think about joining our team!

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    Fulham Cross Girls' School
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