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Cabot Learning Federation

Aims, Vision and Strategy

Together we can achieve more, and by working together we can achieve our goal of every one of our academies being judged to be on the road to “good” and “outstanding” by 2016 quicker than by working individually.

We want to create a distinctive partnership, built around leadership & learning that results in the Cabot Learning Federation being recognised as the most successful and innovative partnership of its type in the UK. Students come first and the CLF should be judged on how well we support and educate both our most vulnerable students, so that they achieve more than they or their parents and carers first thought possible, alongside those who are gifted and talented who also perform above expectation. Many of our students will be the first in their family to attend University, a responsibility we take seriously, and by placing learning and leadership at the heart of all we do, we believe we can create the culture of success and lifelong learning for all our students, as they move into adulthood and employment, whilst playing a role in the communities in which they live.

We must not lose sight of our core moral purpose.

  • The academies purpose is to provide an outstanding education for the students they teach and who attend their school wearing their unique uniform.
  • The Federation purpose is to bring the best practice, best practitioners and best learning together so that more students can benefit from the sharing of ideas and expertise that produces outstanding learning.

This does not imply that our academies are clones of one another. We value and embrace the uniqueness of our schools and the communities they serve, whilst celebrating and sharing the strategies that work in one context that could have the potential to benefit students more widely across the federation.

If we achieve this vision, we can be more confident than ever that the next generation of parents who will send their children to a CLF Academy from 2030 onwards, will believe even more strongly that education is the solution to their children’s lifelong success, prosperity and fulfilment, as a result of their positive experience as a student in a CLF Academy.

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Cabot Learning Federation
Federation House
Kings Oak Academy Brook Road
BS15 4JT

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