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NQT and Graduate Advice

NQT and Graduate Advice
Why Teaching?

Why teaching?

"Why teach?" - It's a simple question with hundreds, if not thousands of possible answers. We explore the popular reasons behind what makes teaching one of the most rewarding and important professions around.

Getting into teaching

Getting into teaching

Teaching is a great career, offering a stable job and the chance to make a real difference to children and improve their life chances.

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Which school is right for you?

There are so many choices to make at the start of your career and the education landscape is always changing! As you’ll probably be spending your working hours in a school, one of your first decisions is whether to teach in the maintained sector, opt for a public school, or head for further education.

NQT Teacher

Inside story - the first 12 months

Starting any new job can be quite a daunting experience, let alone one that involves being infront of 30 children! Discover the uplifting story of Morgan Browne, a newly qualified English teacher in Hayes. His unique insights accurately describe the rewards and challenges of teaching in an inner city school.

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Join NQT Talent Pools

Join NQT Talent Pools today so that you are seen by the schools of your choice - and keep one step ahead of other job hunters! We understand that finding the perfect job early in your career can be stressful and time consuming, so we have made sure that Talent Pools are an effective way for you to find your first teaching role on Eteach.

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Teaching abroad

A teaching qualification is your passport to a world of travel opportunities and career development. Working in schools overseas gives people of all ages a different perspective on life, children and global education.