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Bosworth Academy is situated on the edge of Desford Village, overlooking the open countryside. We have a full range of facilities including a recently refurbished Library (The Compass), Sports Hall, Assembly Hall, Gym, Drama studios, Music Studios, Sports Dome, Swimming pool, Science Laboratories, Design Workshop and ICT Suites; plus a number of refurbished classrooms and a purpose built Maths Block. All curriculum areas have specialist teaching spaces which are used to enhance learning in every way possible.

The school opened in Desford as Bosworth Community College in 1969, replacing the former Grammar School located in Market Bosworth. In 2003, the College was designated as a Specialist Sports College and The school became an Academy on April 1st 2012, having previously been a Leicestershire Upper School and Community College.

Since its beginning, Bosworth Academy has been a mixed comprehensive Upper School catering for the 14-19 age range. In September 2014, the Academy began the transition to becoming an 11-19 school. This meant that we took in our first Year 7 intake of 150 students in September 2014 and currently our Year 7 student numbers are in excess of 250 and as such are over subscribed.

Vision, Values and Ethos

Bosworth Academy is consistently exceptional in its delivery of outcomes for young people in our community. Bosworth Academy is an unstoppable force for affecting social mobility.


‘No student will underachieve’ means: outstanding outcomes for every child, of every ability, from every background, no matter what the barriers.

‘Be better than you thought you could be’ means: we understand that our role is to ensure students reach their potential, it is to help define that potential.


We do this in an environment which is inclusive, exciting, varied and highly aspirational. The individual is recognised and celebrated. We strive for excellence and challenge in all that we do and seek out feedback and positive criticism. We believe in the capacity for continual improvement and appreciate the role of leadership. We never give up and never accept that our work is done. We enjoy, achieve and embrace our responsibility as a force for good. We can and will make a difference through the empowerment of learning.


Values at Bosworth Academy
The heart of our vision is that ‘no student underachieves’. However our vision for students at Bosworth is not just about outstanding academic achievement it is also about developing outstanding citizens with a strong sense of identity and values. This is made clear by the vision at the centre of our wheel – ‘Character Building – Spiritually, Morally, Culturally and Socially’ and the words and phrases in blue round the outside of the wheel. We also have spent time developing a ‘Fourth Way’ approach which is about building a research based learning community which provides the students with the opportunity to interact and learn about the local, national and international community.

LiFE Multi Academy Trust

Bosworth Academy is part of LiFE Multi Academy Trust.

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