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About Us

At Bowerhill Primary School, our motto is "Experience Success - Build Aspiration”. We aim to inspire children to aim high, and we are certain that, through our exciting curriculum, we give children enjoyable opportunities to gain the skills they need to achieve success in life.

Our school is at the heart of the local community. The village hall shares our site and the core church meets in our school on Sundays. The school makes good use of the local environment and we have established links with local organisations such as The Wiltshire School of Gymnastics, Core Church, Queensway Chapel & Children’s Centre, and, of course, Melksham Oak Community School.

Our Vision & Values

Experience Success = Build Aspiration

We want our school to be a safe and happy place where children and adults enjoy learning. Our school community will promote and exemplify the core values of:

Honesty, Respect for Others, Adherence to Rules, Patience, and Tolerance.

  • We will care for each other and those beyond our school, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.
  • We will look after our environment and learn how to care for the wider world.
  • We want everyone in our school to enjoy their work, have opportunities to celebrate and experience success, develop skills, and build self-confidence.
  • We want the children to make good progress along a carefully structured curriculum. We will remain aware of their abilities by monitoring learning and planning our teaching carefully and consistently.
  • We want to maintain a high-quality, stimulating environment for learning that fully utilises current technology.
  • We aim to keep all learners aware of their progress. Everyone, regardless of their ability, needs to know that they are moving forward.
  • We will encourage children and adults to accept challenges and help them to persevere with difficult tasks, learn from their mistakes, and take pride in their achievements.
  • As we are not a faith school, we will not promote a belief in the supernatural beyond the suspension of disbelief as part of storytelling and theatre. However, in line with British values, we will teach an understanding and respect for the beliefs of others.
  • We believe that children will benefit from parents and the school working together and openly sharing aims, achievements, and concerns. We aim to involve parents in their children’s school work and keep them informed about their child’s progress.
  • We want the work of our school to be central to the Bowerhill community. We aim to involve members of the community in our work, publicise our successes locally, and involve ourselves in projects which benefit the local community.


Working For Us

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers!


The White Horse Federation, made in Swindon, founded in 2012

The White Horse Federation is a Multi Academy Trust of six primary schools, one special school and very shortly one secondary school. The federation grew from a passion to be collaborative in providing a first class education to a wide range of children so that each one could more fully understand what they were capable of, what talents they had and to strive for excellence in themselves in order to succeed in the next phase of their education and in the world of work.

At its heart is a belief that we want to develop the type of schools that we would be proud to send our own children to. We do this with a relentless drive for academic excellence blended with a shared moral purpose and shared values but also with an awful lot of fun and happiness in our schools. We genuinely believe in partnership working with our schools, the pupils and their parents and the wider community each serves to create the best possible outcomes for our children.

We also believe that our colleagues are among the finest in the country and we are proud to empower them through support, training and career opportunities. With such outstanding staff we are able to ensure every student achieves all that they are capable of and more, regardless of background, culture, heritage or ability.