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Welcome to Burstow School, which aims to bring out the best in all its pupils    Our team want all our children to be happy and successful during their time here. We strive to provide a secure and caring environment in which each individual child can fulfill his or her own potential.

As prospective parents, current parents and members of the local community we hope you will find the information on this website helpful and informative and that it will stimulate an active interest in the work of the school.

About Us

Believe, Achieve, Succeed’

Our ethos here is simple. We believe happy and successful human-beings have a ‘can-do’ view of the world, where there are endless possibilities and choices to be discovered. Where you are self-motivated to be the best version of yourself, striving to improve and able to recognise the milestones which show that you are growing and improving in your knowledge and skills but moreover, in your personal growth as a friend, in your own self-reflection, as a caring citizen of our planet and resilient solution-creator in its broadest sense.

Our core values are at the heart of everything:

  • Independence
  • Empathy
  • Co-operations
  • Resilience
  • Honesty
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Kindness
  • Positivity (in thoughts and words said about yourself, others and situations)
  • Self-awareness
  • Knowing how and where to find help and solutions.

We believe every child can exceed their wildest dreams and we aim to encourage children to seek healthy challenge in all they do. We never put a ‘ceiling’ on how far children can go in their learning and strive to deepen their understanding and thinking. We use and teach yoga, meditation and self-awareness techniques to equip children with the tools to maintain balance in their well-being throughout their lives. Being in a growth-mindset as much as possible is a key to this.


We are tireless in our own reflection on reviewing, adapting and improving the impact on learning during lesson times.

Working for Us

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Our Aims & Values

Academic excellence – superb teaching, great opportunities

We want our school to be consistently well ranked by Ofsted and to be recognised for offering a superb academic start in life. We will be demanding, setting high standards for our pupils and staff. Our curriculum will stimulate academic achievement across the board. Teachers will be encouraged to be flexible and innovative within the curriculum framework, working together to blend their different teaching experiences and will receive the training and management to be outstanding.

We will build close partnerships with parents to help them support their children. We’ll encourage gifted pupils to develop their talents and will make sure that no one falls behind. We will create opportunities for all our pupils to transfer to the secondary school that best caters for their needs and abilities.

Community engagement – personal responsibility through understanding

Our pupils will acquire a strong sense of their place in society. Classes will be small and tight-knit, where teachers will get to know every child as an individual and nurture him or her through their school career. Pupils will all know and be able to support each other too. Activities shared with families and community will support our languages and give children a rich, enjoyable experience. With two forms of entry, our school will have the flexibility to cater for all needs and provide excellent material and teaching resources. The school community will look outwards and be socially active. We’ll foster links with parents, other schools, businesses, cultural organisations and public institutions to provide the widest possible experience and range of opportunities for our children. All staff will be outstanding role models for children.

Personal development – citizens of the world

Our children will leave school as superb communicators, with the confidence to express themselves wherever they are.

We want our children to be responsible citizens with well-informed, bold, enquiring and creative minds. Every pupil inhabits a many-layered historical, cultural and personal world. Connections between these personal experiences define nations, societies and communities. We will help our pupils, whatever their cultural or ethnic backgrounds, become self-aware and culturally sensitive throughout their lives as they encounter the cultures of the world.

Children will be treated with and expected to show respect, moral understanding, tolerance, teamwork, self-discipline and self-belief.

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