This Multi Academy Trust was developed by Avenue Primary Academy in Sutton, established on 1st September 2015. The Trust welcomes Kingsley Primary School, which will join the Trust in 2017. Cirrus clouds are found at high altitudes. In the daytime, they are brighter than any other cloud in the sky. While the sun is setting or rising, they may take on the colours of the sunset. Our Trust was formed under the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) model.

It is our belief that the levels of responsibility and accountability must be robust enough to guarantee effective school improvement in a timeline that takes account of a child’s life chances. The MAT model is more likely to achieve this than umbrella or loose affiliations. Research from the National College clearly shows that school to school support improves outcomes in both the receiving and provider schools, and our model is based on this.  


The Trust Mission The core purpose of the Trust is to develop the very best organisations to ensure that children do exceptionally well and are prepared for the future. We will build our community of up to six schools*, who will use each other as a resource to:

  • Develop teaching Create opportunities for leadership and develop the best leaders
  • Develop the curriculum The Trust provides a tiered level of service tailored to the needs of each school, recognising where each school is on its journey to outstanding and beyond.

At the heart of the Trust is the Teaching School and the resources that it brings. The teaching school works with individual schools at the level required for each school, using the resources of both the teaching school and the other schools within the Trust. By using the teaching school’s experiences, expertise from outside the Trust and the many strengths within the academies, we will create a strong, self-improving organisation.  

Our Schools

Avenue Primary Academy
Avenue Primary Academy is a very large school of 925 pupils, rising to 962 pupils in 2016. It has over 50 teachers, many of them with experience in working with colleagues in other schools, leading training, research and development and teacher training. Ten of its teachers are Specialist Leaders of Education, and its Executive Head Teacher is a National Leader of Education.

Kingsley Primary Academy
Is four-form entry school, with a fifth 'bulge' class currently in Year 1, 2 and 3. Each year group is led by a senior teacher who has responsibility for the day to day running of the year team, and who liaises with the other year group leaders to ensure continuity in children’s learning as they move through the school. The teachers in each year team work together to plan the detail of the curriculum.

Rushy Meadow Primary Academy
We are a two form entry school in the London Borough of Sutton with a resource base catering for children who are hearing impaired. At Rushy Meadow we want every child to be successful and to achieve their full potential.  We firmly believe that everyone has a talent. We just need to find out what it is and make the most of it.

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