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What we value

Our values are our anchor point and underpin all we do.

From a reception child at Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy to the 18 year old at Bourne End E-ACT Academy excitedly preparing for life at university, we want all of our 18,000 pupils to realise their full potential by:


For themselves and for the world around them by thinking beyond the four walls of their academy, and having the belief that anything they aspire to achieve is possible through hard work.


In all that they do by carefully thinking through their decisions, even when it means doing something that’s hard or takes a lot of time.


By supporting one another, and knowing that by working together great things can be achieved.

About Us

Four regions, one E-ACT

We support our 29 academies through four regional clusters in London and Bucks, Midlands, North and South West.

Each of these is led by a regional education director (RED) and a regional operations director (ROD) and is supported by a team of system experts in areas like safeguarding.

By tuning in to the particular needs of the communities that their academies serve our regional teams provide tailored support and expert advice to the academies in their regions. They also help to remove the additional pressures typically faced by teachers enabling them to focus solely on matters concerning the classroom and curricula development.

Our REDs and RODs work closely with their academies and meet academy leadership formally through six weekly Raising Achievement Boards. In turn the Executive Leadership Team meets with REDs and RODs through six weekly formal Regional Performance Boards.

Working For Us

Help make a difference

We are always on the lookout for dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic people so we can continue to give every one of our pupils the opportunity to explore, solve, create and achieve.

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers!


Our Mission

Our mission is to give all of our pupils an outstanding education which enables them to explore, think, discover, create and achieve and so realise their full potential.

Our vision is for all:

Our pupils to thrive in their academies, developing respect, resilience and a lifelong love of learning, so equipping them for their future.

Our academies to be inspirational learning environments with outstanding teaching and learning, together with a strong ethos of caring, support and personal development, as well as meaningful connections to the local communities they serve.

Our staff to be highly professional and passionate about what they do, feel valued for their work and having a wealth of opportunities to develop themselves, progress their careers and maintain a good work-life balance.

About the South West

The South West has consistently produced fantastic results. In every single academy in the region, the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of key stage 2 is above the national average, with some of our academies ranking alongside the best in the country.

These achievements are all the more impressive given the diverse communities we serve: 45% of pupils in the South West are eligible for and claiming free school meals, which is almost double the national average.

In the key stage 2 combined measure:

  • Perry Court E-ACT Academy made astonishing progress after joining E-ACT in September 2017, leaping up from just 16% in 2017 to 69% in 2018 - 5% higher than the national average.
  • Greenfield E-ACT Academy achieved 84%, putting the academy in the top 8% of the country.
  • St Ursula’s E-ACT Academy achieved 83%, putting the academy in the top 10% of the country.
  • Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy achieved 67%. In 2017, the academy also placed in the top 2% of the country for progress.
  • Hareclive E-ACT Academy achieved 63%, a 43% increase on their results before joining the trust in 2016.
  • Badock’s Wood E-ACT Academy, which joined E-ACT in September 2018, surpassed the national average thanks to special educational support from the trust.

We also pride ourselves on our innovative approach to learning and the wonderful experiences we offer our pupils. Our academies have been working with the Bristol Music Trust to devise a cultural curriculum, which combines the core STEM subjects with dance, drama, music and art.

We’re proud of the South West’s growing list of achievements and look forward to building on this success with talented, passionate people like you.